Sam Faiers chooses side-by-side double buggy for toddler Paul and baby Rosie

The ITVBe Mummy Diaries star reveals which double stroller she uses for her 2 children, both under the age of 3...


Sam Faiers has had many enviable buggies for her little ones.


We’ve seen her using the iCandy Peach 2 and BabyStyle Egg with son Paul (now 2) – and the Doona travel system for new baby Rosie.

But now she’s switched things up with a practical side-by-side pram, the Out ‘N’ About Nipper Double 360 V4 Stroller.

Our reviewer gave the original Nipper Double a rating of 4.5 stars – praising its lightness and sturdiness, as well as how easy it is to manoeuvre on all terrains.

So, as Sam strolls through the streets of London, we doubt she’ll run into any problems with pebbled paths.

It’s comfy, roomy, and has big wheels with pneumatic tyres – perfect if you’re headed out in the country. But if you’re off to do the weekly shop? You might struggle with the lack of inbuilt shopping basket – you have to buy one as an extra.

All in all, Sam’s current buggy of choice really impressed our reviewer, who thought it was ‘near perfect’ for both twin fams and mums with a baby and a toddler.

From the pic, it certainly looks like little Paul is enjoying it, too!

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Images: Instagram/Sam Faiers

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