Sam Faiers teaches her baby son Spanish – and Twitter can’t cope

Seems not everyone thought that Spanish lessons should be a priority for a 6-month-old...


Well who would have thought that Sam Faiers’ plans for her son to be bilingual would have caused such a rumpus online!


The former TOWIE star’s latest Mummy Diaries show aired on ITVBe last night, and Twitter was soon awash with comments about her decision to hire a Spanish tutor for her (at the time of filming) 6-month-old son Paul.

Sam – who said she was bilingual herself as a toddler – had a teacher come to her home to give baby Paul his first lesson (which consisted of bubba-friendly songs and actions rather than a text book and a ton of homework).

And while some viewers thought it was “cute”, others were a left a little confused as to why Sam and partner Paul want baby Paul to speak Spanish when they don’t speak it themselves.

One branded it simply “ridiculous”.

“Loved the baby diaries last week.. but seems like it’s getting more ridiculous as it goes on. Spanish & massages for a 6 month old? Really?” asked one tweeter.

While another wrote: “Why the hell has Sam Faiers got some women to come and teach her baby Spanish when he can’t even walk yet?”

Hola Baby Paul!

But a language teacher soon stepped in to defend Sam, tweeting:

“We know as language teachers that the earlier the better for L2 acquisition; thought everyone knew!”

And Sam was quick to reply: “I know that’s why I’m starting him young. People are just uneducated about it. Shame really xx'”

She also added: “Baby Paul loves his Spanish lessons so do I ? #spanishbaby #watchthisspace” 

That’s all that really matters, right? That baby’s happy and having fun, and mum is too? 

What do you reckon – do you agree with Sam on getting them used to a second language as early as possible? Do you want your little one to pick up a new language?

Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook. Gracias! 

Images: Instagram/Sam Faiers

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