Suri Cruise and her £1,000-a-month beauty treatments

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise apparently spend over £1,000 on beauty treatments for their 5-year-old Suri


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ daughter Suri Cruise is fast becoming the most indulged 5-year-old in the world. Not only does Suri have a wardrobe worth a reported £2 million, her own £19,000 mini racing car and a well-travelled passport, but the stylish toddler is now apparently having luxury beauty treatments every month, worth £1,000!


“Once a month, Katie sets up a spa and salon in their Beverly Hills home, like an adult version of the Rodeo Drive experience,” an insider allegedly said, reports Now magazine.

Jealous yet? We are! But then, we’re grown-ups, not schoolgirls.

“They’ll put Suri in a gown, wash her hair with Aveda shampoo and then Katie styles her hair so that she feels like a real movie star,” added the insider.

“Katie thinks it’s OK as long as it’s only for play,” the source added.

While the rumour sounds outrageous, if Suri’s perfect red lippie pout in New York last week is any indication of her love of beauty products, perhaps it’s not too far-fetched?

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