Terminally ill 4-year-old gets to be flower girl at her parents’ wedding

When little Paige was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer, her parents fast-tracked their wedding so her dream to be a flower girl could come true...?


Oh, goodness. If ever there’s a story that will just make you want to drop everything and go and hug your little ones wherever they are then this surely is it.


Australian couple Jack Skarratts and Tania Miller, from Brisbane, had their world rocked when they discovered their little girl, Paige, just 4, had a brain tumour.

In just 6 weeks, they reveal, Paige went from being a normal, happy child to being told she was terminally ill.

Mum and dad had planned to get married in 2018, but with this news they decided to bring their big day forward so Paige could be part of it as a flower girl.

And doesn’t she make a beautiful one at that? ?


Friends clubbed together to help arrange the wedding, which took place in the hospital where Paige is being treated. It was attended by 30 guests and cost just $1000 AUD.

The couple told Gold Coast Bulletin: “Paige had such excitement about us getting married.

“Every time we would see people she’d say ‘My mummy and daddy are getting married and I’m going to be a flower girl’.” 

Paige has had surgery to remove the tumour, and while doctors say her condition is terminal, her mum and dad believe her to be a ‘little fighter’ who will not give up so easily.

A friend has set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses while the family look after Paige full time.

Our love and prayers are with you all  ❤️?❤️

Images: GoFundMe

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