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Part 2: Fairy liquid that cares for your hands & how to get rosie cheeks


Wild rosie cheeks by Weleda

We like Weleda over at MFM. Rare is the day that the aromatheraputic scent of hand cream or nappy rash balm doesn’t float around the office. So it’s hardly surprising that everyone here put their hand up to try this perfumed wild rose face mask, from Kyrsty the fashion guru to Matt the intern.


Packed with soothers for sensitive skin, the mask is perfect for frazzled or dry skin. The essential oils give it a strong rose aroma, which helps sooth a frazzled mind and my cheeks indeed looked appropriately rosy when I removed the potion. It was a little too packed with essential oils for my oily skin but I after quick scrub with face wash I felt rather radiant.

Washing up liquid = silky hands? Fairy Clean & Care and Olay reckon they’ve cracked it!

Sore red hands are just two of the many reasons I shirk the washing up. But this weekend I shocked my boyfriend by getting elbow deep in the pots and pans too big for the dishwasher.  They’ve been staring at me sadly, calling out for a wash, for the past few days (er, weeks…). The things I do for you.

Fairy Clean and Care smells lovely and is thicker and shinier than normal Fairy. I was promised I would feel a difference from the first wash. And you know what, I did! I wouldn’t go so far as to include it in my beauty regime but as a preventative measure to chapped, rough hands this winter, I reckon a bottle of this will never be far from the sink. I even washed up the cat’s food bowl.


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