Toddler hears mum for first time: VIDEO

Amazing video of the moment that 22-month-old Dylan Lipton Lesser hears clearly – and laughs in delight


This is the incredible moment a toddler hears his mum’s voice clearly for the first time. And his reaction? Laughing delightedly and staring around in wonder!


Dylan Lipton Lesser, 22 months, has experienced hearing loss for much of his short life, and has just had hearing aids fitted at the Children’s Hosptial of Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University in the US.

His parents India Lipton and Shirley Lesser filmed his amazing reaction on their camera phone.

Dylan was conceived using a sperm donor, according to the Daily Mail, and carried by his mum India. He was born very prematurely, in 2012, weighing just 3lbs, and spent 101 days in neotnatal intensive care. A serious infection left him with hydrocephalus (a build-up of fluid on the brain) and he’s since had 15 brain operations. He developed his hearing loss in 2013. 

We think this clip of Dylan’s first few moments wearning his new hearing aids is wonderful.

He can’t stop laughing at the sound of his parents’ voices.

“Is that funny?” his mum asks.

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