Here at MFM HQ we do love a celeb baby name story ?


So often there are some seriously out-there monikers, other times we're surprised at how not-so celeby some stars choose to go when it comes to naming their offspring.

But here are the baby names that gave us the biggest surprises this year...

11 unexpected celebs baby names for 2017...

1. Caben-Albi George - son of Stephanie Davies

The Hollyoaks star came up with this really unusual double-barrelled name after meeting a guy called Caben at a party. She loved the name, but also wanted Albi after her granddad, so went for the double-barrel. Gorgeous ?

2. Calliope Maeve - daughter of Felicia Day

The Buffy star reveals her daughter's unusual first name comes from Greek mythology and means 'beautiful voice'. The second name sounds Irish. Works though, right?

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3. Louise - daughter of Marion Cotillard

This is one of those names we found unusual because it's NOT the full-on sleb moniker so many A-listers go for.

There was a fair old storm going on around the birth (stories abounded of an alleged affair between Marion and her Allied co-star Brad Pitt) so perhaps they went for simple and elegant rather than dramatic for a reason!

Take a look at the moment Marion debuted her bump on the red carpet

4. Zen - son of Zoe Saldana

Short, sweet, a little Buddhist-inspired, perhaps? Zoe's third baby has a name we really dig.

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5. Gravity Blue - daughter of Lucky Blue Smith

Supermodel Lucky Blue Smith and girlfriend Stormi stunned the fashion world with this out-there name. It was one of team MFM's fave of the year.

6. Lio - son of Steven and Alex Gerrard

Cute name, but with a very different spelling (it's more often Leo, right?).

Check out Alex's 22-week bump

7. Charlie Wolf - son of Zooey Deschanel

We liked this when we heard it - Charlie's sweet and Wolf's a bit out there. But it's totally in keeping with the 'theme' of this family's baby names - Charlie has an older sister called Elsie Otter.

Remember when Elsie snubbed Zooey's first birthday cake?

8. Daye Lake - son of Jennifer Metcalfe

The Hollyoaks star admits she made this name up for her firstborn son, and what a stellar name it is.

Read more about how Jennifer came up with the name...

9. Maple Lyla - daughter of Kimberly Wyatt

Here at MFM HQ we're big fans of Kimberly, having chatted to her a fair bit! And we thought her name choice for baby no 2 was (literally) super sweet.

Kimberly told us Davina McCall actually named her first child...

10. Revel James Makai - son of Matthew Morrison

The Glee star and his wife Renee definitely didn't shy away from a superstar moniker for their first baby. And we love it.

11. Wolf Nine - son of Billi Mucklow

The TOWIE star already had a little boy named Arlo when she had baby number 2. Wolf Nine caused quite a stir on the Twittersphere, but we think it has a cool ring to it.

Why did people pick on Billi's baby name?

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