Watch out for your buggy! Thieves target designer pushchairs

Theft of buggies has doubled in the past year after designer pushchairs become more in demand


Buggies are disappearing from homes, car parks and even restaurants as thieves target parents in a bid to make money from sought after designer pushchairs, according to Halifax Insurance.


With the price of the must-have buggies rising to the £1,000 mark, pushchairs like the Bugaboo Bee Plus, Silver Cross 3D, Quinny Zapp and the Maclaren Techno are in high demand not only with parents, but thieves in the black market, too.

Of the 2,000 parents polled by Halifax Home Insurance, 5% said their buggy had been stolen in the past year. Of the thefts, 22% were stolen from within the home and 11% were nicked from outside the home, such as in car parks and restaurants. This means that over 315,000 pushchairs went missing last year.

Stolen buggies can fetch up to £599 on auction sites and on the black market, which is why insurers are urging parents to be extra careful when leaving their buggies unattended. “We recommend all parents makes sure buggies are safely secured when stored in the home and not left visible in porches or driveways,” advises David Rochester, from Halifax Insurance.


Have you ever been a victim of the buggy thieves?


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