A mum from North Carolina, USA, has been praised across social media for her utterly open and honest postpartum pic, which reveals her wearing a "giant mom diaper" shortly after giving birth - and has resonated with hundreds of thousands of people across the world.


Here at MFM we're no strangers to raw new mum pics, often taken just after delivery.

But this one stood out for us, because it shows like no other we've seen the truly messy, and unglamorous side of post-pregnancy that no one ever really talks about.

Accompanying the photo, in a post titled 'Motherhood uncensored', Amanda wrote:

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"I'm sharing this picture because it's real. This is motherhood; it's raw, stunning, messy, and freaking hilarious all rolled into one.

"Having a baby is a beautiful experience, and the realities of postpartum life aren't spoken enough about. And definitely not photographed enough. Some people probably find this uncomfortable, but why?

"I seriously don't get it! It's probably because this part isn't talked about. We all should try and educate, empower and embrace every aspect of childbirth, including moments like this.

"And do it while having a sense of humor. Nothing says welcome to motherhood like an adorable squishy baby, and a giant mom diaper. ?

"Edit: My husband didn't post this. He doesn't even have Facebook. I did."

Amanda's post has been shared - wait for it - 117,000 times - and has received 94,000 comments. Gulp.

One fan said:

"From a midwife: thanks for sharing the less talked about sides of childbirth! Grats on your beautiful baby ? and: nice tush!"

And another commented:

"This is so true and real!! Those mesh panties are the best to hold in those giant diaper pads!!!"

It's certainly true that after having a baby, like Amanda's photo reveals, you'll probably want to invest in some panty pads or disposable knickers as you'll have bleeding ("lochia") for around 6 weeks after you've delivered.

And one thing's for sure - people like Amanda sharing such open and honest posts will definitely get people talking about stuff around birth that otherwise might be swept under the carpet a bit, which we think is a good thing - don't you?

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