Wifi connection killed by baby monitors

Baby monitors blamed for affecting Wifi connection

Problems with Wifi connection in people’s homes is being blamed on baby monitors, as well as other domestic wireless devices.
You may come across the problem when your PC can detect your wireless router, and even a good signal, but can’t actually connect. The suggestion is that a deregulated wireless gadget is causing enough interference to cause Wifi to fail, this has often been put down to a baby monitor.
A report by Ofcom has found out that the main problem is caused by non-Wifi interference rather than too many wireless networks fighting for airspace.
The solution to this problem is a certification scheme, according  the author of the report, Mass Consultants.
“Some non-Wifi devices already sport ‘Wifi-friendly’ claims. We propose extending the concept to a ‘2.4 GHz friendly logo,’ say Mass Consultants.


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