Get rid of your new mum tum

Having trouble losing that saggy post-pregnancy look? Here's a body treatment that could help.


So you love your new baby – but hate your new mum tum.


Many women find it impossible to lose the flabby, crepey look of stretched skin even after a weight loss regime that sees you back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

If it really bothers you that your crop-top days appear to be over, drastic action is called for. 

One new way of getting your smooth curves back is to try a Regen post-pregnancy treatment. It’s a non-invasive way of zapping the deep-down flabby tissue and toning up your skin.

Regen is suitable for anyone who has had a baby in the last couple of years and is still trying to shift their mummy tummy. But you can’t use it if you are still breastfeeding.

The Regen treatment, available exclusively at The Face and Body Clinic in London’s Harley Street, is designed to tighten and smooth that post-baby bulge using completely harmless radio frequency waves.

Here’s the science bit …

Tri Polar technology directs the energy directly at fatty tissues, increasing the temperature of the fat cells in the hypodermis both at the superficial layer and deeper. This rise in heat speeds up the metabolism and heightens the release of liquid fat from fat cells.

After the liquid has been drained, the cells shrink in size and the skin appears smoothened and tightened.

The three-pronged applicator is totally painless and means a large area can be treated at once. It is non-invasive but allows the radio frequency waves to reach deeper into the skin, heating it inside and out. There is no discomfort or damage to the skin.

So how does it feel?

Baby Expert tested the Regen treatment and can confirm it is a totally painless, very relaxing way to try and tone up those flabby bits. It took around 45 minutes, during which time the applicator glides smoothly over the skin, warming you up from within.

My deep muscles definitely felt as though they’d had a bit of a work-out.

Founder and head therapist at The Face and Body Clinic, Shenaz Shariff explained that there is a cumulative effect with Regen treatment, and recommends a course of 6-8 treatments for best results.

If you’re looking for extreme results instantly, Shenaz recommends combining Regen with Ultratone, a treatment that places electrodes gently on the body to stimulate the key muscle groups via electrical impulses.

They emit a series of different wave-forms to stimulate, tone and regenerate the treated area. This is perfect post-pregnancy, to restore elasticity, improve posture and rejuvenate the pelvic floor muscle.


For more about The Face and Body Clinic, call 020 7436 3936 or visit their website

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