10 of the best buggies for twins

The top pushchairs when you're expecting two newborns that'll see babies through from birth to toddlerhood


If you’re expecting twins there are various types of double buggies you can use, a twintandem/inline or convertible buggy.  


A twin pushchair means the seats are positioned side-by-side, rather than one in front of the other, or one seat stacked below the other – like a tandem and most convertible pushchairs.

Twin pushchairs aren’t just for twins – yes, twins can use it, but many are fine for siblings of different ages, too.

Things to think about before you buy a pushchair for twins:

Weight: Having two babies in a pushchair can make even the lightest double buggy hard work when pushing it around, popping it up a kerb or carrying it up and down stairs.  So make sure you’re happy with the weight of the pushchair before you buy it.

Width:  There’s no getting away from it, a double buggy will either be wider or longer than a single pushchair, so before you pick the double buggy of your choice, measure your doors and hallways to make sure it fits and you have space to store it. 

Lying flat: For a pushchair to be suitable from birth with twins, it’ll either need two lie-flat carrycots or two completely lie-flat seats.  If you drive, you’ll probably find it handy to be travel system compatible, and fit two infant car seats on the frame as well.       

Before you purchase a  buggy, you need to decide if a twin pushchair really is for you – our guide to deciding between a twin or tandem buggy and our step-by-step buyer’s guide to double buggies will help you find what’s best for your needs.

See the best buggies for twins on the market…


1. Bugaboo Donkey 2 Twin, £1,490

Weight: 15.3kg

Width: 74cm

Age suitable for: Birth up to 17kg

Carrycot: Included

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? Yes, using the twin adapter (£59.95)

Total cost to use with twins: £1,490 including carrycots and seats

The latest version of the much-loved Donkey has plenty to recommend it as a two-passenger ride, and was named joint bronze winner in our best double buggy category. It is also an excellent option for twins.

Even when loaded up with your little ones and whatever you pack into the expandable storage baskets it promises a smooth, comfortable ride you can steer with just one hand. It has a front swivel wheels and neat turning circle – useful when you’re wiggling onto the bus or round narrow shop aisles. When you’re visiting the beach use the two-wheeled position, and you can easily tackle tougher terrain such as gravel or snow by locking the front wheels.

All-wheel suspension and foam-filled tyres mean your children can nap undisturbed by any bumps on the path, and in summer parents will love the flip-flop friendly brake.

Read what our MFM reviewer Susannah thought of the Donkey in our review here.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Bugaboo Donkey 2

“I really like the versatility of this buggy and all the different configurations. Switching between mono/duo takes no time at all and the concept is very clever. I love the design – it looks and feels very high quality, and the seats are really comfortable for my little ones. The harness and adjustable straps are so easy to use compared with others.” Mum of 2, Carolyn

“This is a great looking buggy that would really appeal to parents with an eye for style, and it is perfect for a growing family. I would recommend it to parents with a bit of money to spend, looking to invest in a buggy that would see them through any additions to their family.” Mum of 3, Alice

You can buy the Bugaboo Donkey 2 from: Mothercare and Natural Baby Shower.


2. Mountain Buggy nano duo stroller, £399

Weight: 9kg

Width: 73cm

Age suitable for: Newborn – 3 years (with cocoon), 6 months – 3 years (without cocoon)

Carrycot: Newborn cocoons sold separately (£49 each)

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? No

Total cost to use with twins: £497 (including newborn cocoons)

The new nano duo is super-light at just 9kg, and specifically designed for city-dwellers who need an easy-to-push side-by-side buggy around town.

Your little ones will be comfy thanks to the adjustable leg rests, full-coverage sun canopies and rear-wheel suspension, while the large shopping basket can accommodate everything you pick up at the shops.

You can buy the Mountain Buggy nano duo stroller from: Mountain Buggy and Pramworld


3. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Buggy, £499.99

Weight: 12kg

Width: 76.5cm

Age suitable for: Newborn to 3 years (15kg)

Carrycot: Sold separately at an additional £139 each

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? No

Total cost to use with twins: £777.99

Compact, comfortable and easy to steer – just a few words that our reviewer used to describe the Baby Jogger City Mini Double.

At 12kg, it is relatively lightweight (for a twin pushchair!), and its 76.5cm width should fit through most standard sized doorways.

Plus it folds to a compact 28.5cm x 76cm x 78.5cm, making it suitable for smallish homes.

Independently reclining seats, front wheel suspension and the option to add a carrycot (£139.99), all added to the appeal for our reviewer – though it’s not car seat compatible.

Read our full review of the Baby Jogger City Mini Double here.

You can buy the Baby Jogger City Mini Double from Precious Little OneJohn Lewis, and Amazon.


4. iCandy Peach Blossom Twin, £1010

Weight: 17.4kg

Width: 60cm

Age suitable for: Newborn to 5 years (25kg)

Carrycot: Sold separately at an additional £185

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? Yes, fully travel system compatible

Total cost to use with twins: £1423

An ever-evolving pushchair, the iCandy Peach is a popular the twin buggy that can also be used as a single stroller as it converts from a single to a double.

The £1423 price tag includes two seat units and two carrycots, which are approved for overnight sleeping and suitable from birth to around 6 months.

As a tandem buggy, the Peach boasts that it has the footprint of a single buggy despite being able to carry two, and it certainly handles wonderfully.

Read the full Peach 3 review here

You can buy the iCandy Peach 3 Blossom from John Lewis and Precious Little One


5. Babystyle Oyster Max Tandem, £623

Weight: 12.5kg

Width: 60cm

Age suitable for: Around six months to 3 years (15kg)

Travel system compatible: Yes

Carrycot: Sold separately for an additional £129

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? Yes

Total cost to use with twins: £825

The Babystyle Oyster Max has lots of fans including Prima Baby, who gave the buggy a Gold Award for its versatility, its 25 seat positions (yes, really) and for the ease with which it converts from single to double, inline buggy.

Compact and easy to fold, the Oyster Max hit the market three years ago and became fondly known as the “Bugaboo on a budget.”

Ready to roll straight from the box, as a single buggy it’s suitable from 6 months old and with the carrycot or a car seat attached the Oyster Max can be used from birth. Twin mums can use two carrycots or two car seats, and for toddler and baby there’s the combo of buggy seat and carrycot or buggy seat and car seat.

Read the full review of the Babystyle Oyster Max

You can buy the Babystyle Oyster Max from Baby Planet and Pramworld.


6. Britax B-Agile Double Pushchair, £345

Weight: 13.2kg

Width: 78cm

Age suitable for: Six months to 3 years (15kg)

Travel system compatible: Yes

Carrycot: None available

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? Yes

Total cost to use with twins: £345

This great value pushchair from trusted baby products company Britax is packed full of features for a competitive price.

Not only can the height adjustable handlebar be used for one-handed steering, but the Britax B-Agile Double pushchair folds to a freestanding and compact 31 x 72 x 78 cm.

It’s travel system compatible, weighs 13.2kg, and can be used from birth to 15kg in each seat.

Buy the Britax B-Agile Double from BootsKiddies Kingdom, and Precious Little One.


7. ABC Design Zoom, £1004.99

Weight: 17.2kg

Width: 60cm

Age suitable for: Around birth months to 3 years (15kg)

Travel system compatible: Yes

Carrycot: Both included in the price

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? Yes

Total cost to use with twins: £1004.99

One of the most distinctive pushchairs on the market, the ABC Design Zoom tandem buggy is a quite long, inline pushchair.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the long frame allows children to sit at the same height, instead of one under the other, like other tandems. 

As you might expect from a large buggy it is quite weighty, meaning it’s really sturdy, there’s ample room in the seats and has a huge basket!

Our MFM mum says: ‘if you want a double pushchair where both children are at the same height, have ample room and with lots of options in terms of which way they face then this could be a great option for you.”

“However, you’ll need space in your home and car to store it and you may struggle on public transport and it might be tricky to use if you live in a small flat or rural areas.”

You can buy the Zoom at Argos or Uber Kids


8. Baby Jogger City Select Twin, £779.98

Weight: 17.41kg

Width: 65.5cm

Age suitable for: from 6 months up to 15kg

Carrycot: Sold separately (£97.99 each)

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? Yes, with adaptors (sold separately)

Total cost to use with twins: £975.96

The Baby Jogger City Select is a great multi-purpose buggy for twins and more. If you have a toddler and are expecting twins, for example, you can use it as a single buggy, and then turn it into a double buggy for your new arrivals. Add the Glider Board (£69.99) and your eldest can also hop on board. It’s not the lightest option out there, but its versatility is impressive.

As a twin pushchair, it can be used with two carrycots, two seats or two car seats, or a combination of these. The seats can be forward facing, parent facing (great for eye contact), or even face each other, allowing your twins to amuse each other on your journey.

You can buy Baby Jogger City Select Twin from: Pramworld


 9. Cosatto Supa Dupa Twin, £354.95

Weight: 13.8kg

Width: 72cm

Age suitable for: from birth

Travel system compatible: Yes

Carrycot: None available

Total cost to use with twins: £354.95

With a range of fun patterns and colours to choose from, the lightweight Supa Dupa certainly stands out from the crowd (no searching among all the other plain-coloured prams at the buggypark for this one). 

As well as looking great, it has lots of appealing features, including a simple umbrella-fold,  from-birth newborn lie-flat option, one-handed independent recline and adjustable handles.

Its USP, however, is the ‘on-board entertainment’ – a multimedia gadget pocket with speaker to keep your little passengers entertained on longer outings.

Read the full Cosatto Supa Dupa Twin review here.

Buy the Cosatto Supa Dupa Twin from Pramworld and Amazon.


10. Maclaren Twin Techno, £395

Weight: 12.4kg

Width: 75cm

Age suitable for: Around six months to 3 years (15kg)

Travel system compatible: No

Carrycot: None available

Can you fit two car seats on the buggy at the same time? No

Total cost to use with twins: £395

Maclaren is known for its lightweight umbrella-fold buggies, and when it comes to the brand’s twin offerings it’s no different.

Sold as being suitable from birth, this pushchair can not be used with carrycots, it does however, have near lie-flat seats, which are ok to be used for short periods of time with smaller babies.

The Twin Techno is compact and easy to fold (one-handed, of course!). Throw in Maclaren’s unique lifetime warranty, and you have a reassuring buggy purchase.

It weighs 12.4kg and measures 75cm across (which should fit through most standard doors), plus the seats are removable and washable at 30C.

Read the full Maclaren Twin Techno review.

Buy the Maclaren Twin Techno from Uber Kids.

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