Whether you're shopping for your partner or your own dad, there are LOADS of great classic, original and fun Christmas gifts for men, who also happen to be dads.


We've selected some great Christmas presents dads will surely enjoy: everything from personalised cufflinks to changing bags, beers and mince pies to vintage gaming consoles, dad joke bibles to Top Gun-themed slippers.

There's something for everyone, we hope, and a few fail-safe ideas if the dad in your life is simply impossible to buy for, or already has everything (you can't go wrong with jazzy socks, can you?)

Here are the 15 best Christmas gifts for dads...

1. Happy Socks Candy Cane Christmas Cracker Socks, 2-Pack, £19.95

happy cracker christmas socks

Why we love it: Would it be Christmas if your partner didn't unwrap at least one pair of socks? Fortunately, these 2 pairs come in very cool packaging, and only one pair features a Christmas novelty design. Lots more options to pick from.

Available from: John Lewis

2. Storksak Black Changing Bag, £50

storksak black changing bag

Why we love it: A smashing gift for a new dad or one with another on the way, because it's stylish, understated and has all the necessary straps and pockets to be functional, too.

We've got LOADS of fab ideas for dad-friendly changing bags if this one's not quite your partner's style, though.

Available from: Natural Baby Shower

3. The Very Embarrassing Book Of Dad Jokes, £9.99

very embarrassing book of dad jokes

Why we love it: A stocking filler that'll arm any joke-happy dad with a ton of new 'material'. It's a good laugh, especially on Christmas day, and is a fun addition to any bookshelf.

Available from: Waterstones

4. Classic Mini Super Nintendo, £69.99


Why we love it: Dads of a certain age will be VERY pleased to relive their own childhoods with this classic '90s games console. Comes with the 16-bit console and 2 (what would now be called) retro controllers, and 21 pre-installed SNES games.

Available from: Currys. More info at Nintendo

5. Pure Touch Limited Men's Golf Gloves, £23

foot joy

Why we love it: Suuuper soft Cabretta leather makes these gloves a must for the golf course.

Available from: Footjoy

6. Japanese Whisky Tasting Set, £32.95

whisky tasting set

Why we love it: We reckon dads love a good beer gift (see below), but why not go for something different that's equally boozy? Japanese whisky is some of the best whisky out there, and the dad in your life can enjoy a taste of several kinds with this smart set.

Comes with 5 mini (3cl) bottles, containing:

  • Mars Maltage Cosmo
  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony
  • Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt
  • The Chita
  • Nikka Whisky From The Barrel

Available from: Master of Malt and Waitrose

7. Top Dad Mule Slippers, £12

top dad slippers burton

Why we love it: Whether they're for your own dad or your baby's dad, these cosy blue slippers are always en pointe. Bonus if the dad in your life is a Top Gun fan.

Available from: Burton

8. LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V, £109.99

nasa lego apollo v

Why we love it: If David Beckham can proudly admit to being a LEGO obsessive, the dad in your life can, too. This (one of our writers knows from experience) 1969-piece set is the ULTIMATE build for a grown-up LEGO lover. It'll also stand the test of time, in the office, or any room in the house.

Available from: LEGO Store

9. Wallet Ninja, £9.99

wallet ninja

Why we love it: This card sits in dad's wallet, and comes in handy whenever he needs a screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, box opener, glasses frame-tightener, ruler, letter opener, phone stand... the list goes on! A useful novelty gift, that's budget-friendly, too.

Available from: Prezzy Box

10. Mr Cool Mug, £12

mr cool mug oliver bonas

Why we love it: This one speaks for itself, doesn't it? The ultimate mug for the ultimate cool dad. It's nice and big, the perfect size for tea, too.

Available from: Oliver Bonas

11. Personalised Solid Bronze Cufflinks, £75

bonze cufflinks

Why we love it: Cufflinks are an obvious choice, but we like these bronze cufflinks you can engrave with any message - 'World's Greatest Dad' included. Comes with a smart brown leather case.

Available from: Not On The High Street

12. Bang & Olufsen Noise-Cancelling Headphones, £349

bang ofulsen headphones

Why we love it: These £££ headphones are bluetooth-enabled and are also noise-cancelling, so dad can tune out the world and enjoy a bit of 'me time'.

Available from: Currys

13. Kiehl’s Men’s Gift Set, £31

kiehls mens gift set

Why we love it: You won't run out of skincare gift bag options this Christmas, but we like that this one's straightforward and no-fuss for dads who aren't *already* super into moisturiser...

Available from: Kiehl's

14. Fortnum & Mason Mince Pies & Beer Hawk Beery Gift Box, £30.95

beer hawk gift box

Why we love it: Great gifts on their own, but together? 6 delicious, rum butter Mince Pies, 5 craft beer cans, a smart beer glass and a pack of Pitta crisps. The ultimate Boxing Day snack combo.

Available from: Fortnum & Mason and Beer Hawk

15.The Dadding It Sweatshirt, £55

dadding it seatshirt

Why we love it: A simple jumper that can be worn out and about or around the house. Might seem pricey for a plain-ish sweater, but it's 100% organic cotton, and £5 from your purchase goes to the charity Prostate Cancer UK.

Available from: The FMLY Store

Images: Product websites

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