Is it a 3-wheeler or 4-wheeler buggy?

Buggies with three wheels are getting more popular and more diverse – some now seem to have two wheels together at the front. So are they 3-wheelers?


Only a short time ago, a 3-wheeler buggy was used solely for off-roading or jogging. Today however, there are more and more 3-wheeler buggies around, many designed purely to look good (you can get the low-down on all 3-wheeler styles around our buyer’s guide).


Recently, a new style of buggy has evolved – one that has a 3-wheeler look, but rather than having a single wheel at the front it actually has two wheels close together.


The question is, can a buggy with four wheels be classed as a 3-wheeler? Yes, is the answer, as long as it only has one point of pivot in the front. Two wheels close together or a single wheel at the front aren’t the deciding characteristics of a 3- or 4-wheeler. It is the number of pivot points that the wheels run off that actually count.

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