In a nutshell

A comfy, cosy, well-designed option packed with features. It can tackle rougher terrain and the ability to have the Matrix Light 2 as a carrycot or rear facing car seat is handy.

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  • Easy to steer, stylish, simple to assemble, easy to switch seats, car seat doubles as lie-flat carrycot, rear and forward facing seat


  • Heavy to lift, small shopping basket

Key features of the Jane Trider pushchair:

  • Age suitability: Newborn to 3 years (15kg)
  • Type of buggy: 3-wheeler
  • Fold: With or without seat unit
  • Weight: 13.2kg
  • Travel system compatible: Yes
  • Total cost of travel system: £795 with Matrix Light 2 lie-flat car seat

Spanish brand Jané was founded in Barcelona in 1932 when new dad Manuel Jané Vidal created a stroller for his newborn son Ramon.

Now, more than 80 years later, the brand has continued innovating with products from pushchairs and car seats to highchairs and rockers, which are sold in around 40 countries around the world.

The Jané Trider 3-wheeler pushchair is just one of the company’s range of buggies, which include the 4-wheeled Jané Rider, the Crosswalk travel system, and the double Jané Twone.

As with all pushchairs from this Spanish company, it incorporates the PRO-FIX system, so Jané carrycots and car seats can be fitted without the need for adaptors.

These include the award-winning Group 0/0+ Matrix Light 2 lie-flat carrycot/car seat, as well as the Transporter 2 carrycot and Koos car seat.

The lie-flat car seat sets it apart, but other robust travel system-compatible pushchairs include the Stokke Trailz (£1233), Silver Cross Surf 3 (£845), Joolz Geo (£828) and iCandy Peach all-terrain (£860).

You can buy the Jané Trider travel system, and Matrix Light 2 car seat from Samuel Johnston Baby, and Amazon.

First impressions?

On arrival, I received a stylish aluminium chassis, three puncture-proof wheels, padded seat and sun visor as well as a matching change bag in one big box. Clicking everything together was extremely quick and simple. My first thought once assembled was ‘this buggy is a beast’!

Being an open height 83-108cm x 60cm x 108 cm and a hefty 10.6kg for the chassis alone (13.2kg with the seat attached) it is bigger and longer than anything I have ever used before. However, this is my first experience of a three-wheeler so I was ready to give it the benefit of the doubt and very keen to get out to get some exercise with my little one in tow.

We live in a semi-rural village and have found this buggy is fabulous for walking my elder, five-year-old son back and forth to school. The 30-minute journey takes us along hilly residential streets and a busy main road. We can also take a short cut alongside a bumpy farmer’s field so have been able to really put this vehicle through its paces.

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Watch 5 things we love about the Jané Trider travel system

How is the Jané Trider to push and steer – is it easy to manoeuvre?

The Jané Trider is very easy to manoeuvre and feels smooth and light to push even when I need to hold my son's hand along the road.

Despite its weight (10.6kg for the chassis and wheels alone), steering is effortless and as the Trider’s width is actually only 60cm, not far off a standard four-wheel buggy, fitting through awkward gaps from annoying pavement-parked cars is doable too.

The only set back on roads is bumping up and down curbs takes strength and can be awkward with the 3 wheels when it is so heavy.

What is it like when off-roading – is the suspension a useful feature?

Travelling across the farmer's field is where the Trider comes into its own. An adjustable suspension and shock absorber on the rear C shape axle creates an almost bump free ride across the uneven ground for Jude.

Jane Trider has adjustable suspension

You can adjust the suspension level but honestly, I can't tell the difference between settings.

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What do you think of the wheels?

The large 26cm puncture proof - wheels also help the smooth run; they are strong and robust with a front 360-degree swivel, which can be locked at the front for the bumpy terrain if needed.

Jane Trider has puncture proof wheels

How is it when used out shopping, on public transport, in everyday activities?

My only issues with the Jané Trider are its length and weight. We took it out shopping and found it a hindrance getting around clothes and food aisles. The basket underneath is thin and narrow; it doesn’t allow for much storage and it is not easily accessible.

Jane Trider out shopping

I have taken it on a train once but it was not easy and luckily the carriage was practically empty.

How comfortable is the pushchair seat for your little one?

The seat is higher than usual which I really like as it brings your child closer to you and takes them slightly above exhaust fumes. It is also handy to wheel up to a table for feeding when out.

Jane Trider is very comfortable

Suitable from 6 months, it is beautifully padded creating much comfort for my 8-month-old son. There is plenty of room but the adjustable five-point, jigsaw harness keeps him well-buckled and snug without slumping sideways too much. He looks very cosy and always falls asleep easily. The removable cross bar is also padded.

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Is the seat reversible?

The seat is both front and rear facing with two very functional pull and click levers for a quick change in direction.

How many recline positions are there?

There are three reclining seat positions, plus one for when folded, each being great for sleeping, riding and feeding which can be adjusted with a one-hand-mechanism on the back of the seat (a little stiff but very handy).

What do you think of how the other parts adjusted?

There is also an adjustable calf rest, which took me a while to work out and has a knack to it as the buttons are on the interior. You have to click both buttons on either side at once that means you don’t have any hands left for adjusting so I ended up using my chin - not ideal! But for my 8-month old I keep it up and flat to support little legs at this stage so didn’t change it.

How easy is folding and unfolding the Jané Trider?

Considering its weight, folding and releasing the Trider buggy is very easy and what sets this buggy apart from others.

The seat can be front or rear facing, however, the instruction manual states it is slightly more compact when folded seat forward.

To fold:

  1. Pull the triggers on either side of the chassis
  2. The handle moves smoothly forwards to rest on the wheelbase
  3. The buggy automatically locks shut thanks to a side latch
  4. Buggy can be stored vertically.
  5. The quick release wheels can be removed for an even more compact footprint to 65x48x30cm.

To open (which can be done with one hand) grab the handle, step on the lock and the buggy springs open with a satisfying click.

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It can also be folded without the seat, and the wheels removed to make it more compact.

Jane Trider folded without wheels

The Jané Trider is compatible with the Matrix Light 2 lie-flat car seat/carrycot – tell us about that

The Jané Matrix Light 2 is a Group 0/0+ lie-flat car seat/carrycot, which is suitable from newborn.

Winning the bronze gong in the MadeForMums Awards 2017, best Group 0+ car seat category, the Matrix Light 2 can be used from newborn to 13 kg (around 18 months).

It has four recline positions, of which two are approved for use in the car.

Plus it can be fully lie-flat and used as a carrycot for overnight sleeping too.

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Does it fit in the boot of your car?

Despite having an attractive aluminum tubular chassis, with the attached seat it still weighs a mighty 13.2kg, making it difficult to lift.

It will also not fit in my small hatchback car boot even with the parcel shelf and buggy wheels removed.

Tell us about the sun canopy

The canopy is of good size and thickness there is an extra zip-out air-mesh section and pop-out sun visor if needed. Unfortunately, there is no peephole to check on baby, but you can use the side mesh sections to take a peek.

What do you think of the handlebar?

The handle spans a height of 83cms to 108cms, adjustable using buttons on the sides (again both at the same time). It can be angled to a height to suit the user, however, I have found it hard to find one to suit me. Being a small person, when laying flat I feel too far away from my child for general walking but angled up it is too high and I find it hard to find a comfortable place to put my hands.

Tell us about the brakes

Unusually the brake control is mounted on the right of the handle. Flick forward to apply the brake notified with a clear red ‘L’ and flick back to release. This is a practical addition but the wire leading down to the wheels are a flaw on the streamlined chassis.

Any extras?

An added bonus is the matching change bag. It is smart and stylish much like the buggy and I particularly liked the extra Velcro straps to attach the bag securely to the handle placing it at an easy to reach and neat position.

Who would the Jané Trider be best for?

For exercising, I give the Trider a big thumbs up. Suspension and manoeuvrability at speed are a pleasure. I must stress though my idea of jogging to some is merely a fast walk. This is where the long handle design comes into play as there is no risk of hitting knees or feet on the wheels or back axle as you are set away from the frame when running. At a buggy fit class, the weight was actually a plus as you could lean onto the Trider with no fear of it tipping.

MadeForMums verdict:

The Jané Trider is an extremely streamlined and attractive three-wheel buggy with top end function and mechanism. It is worth it’s £500+ price tag due to its many features but would only appeal to parents based in rural locations, where good suspension is a necessity, and who own big cars or for those who want to keep seriously buggy fit. This is not a travel system for urban and city dwellers who need to hop on and off transport easily or people with fragile backs!

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Product Specifications

ModelTrider Matrix travel system
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth to 3 years
Dimensions & Weight
Weight13.2kg – with chassis, wheels and toddler seat
DimensionsH:108cm W:60cm L:108cm
Dimensions (folded)H:70cm W:60cm L:39cm
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seatsJane Matrix Light 2 (lie-flat carrycot and Group 0+ rear facing car seat in one. Required to make the travel system reviewed here), or Jane Transporter 2 (Group 0 lie-flat carrycot style car seat)
Seat facing directionForward facing and parent facing
Front wheelsLockable swivel
Recline positions3
  • One-handed fold
  • puncture-proof rubber tyres
  • Handbrake
  • Adjustable suspension and shock absorbers
  • Adjustable handle
  • Profix attachment so no separate adaptors needed to use car seat
  • High seat unit
  • Quick-release wheels
  • 5 Point safety harness
  • Matrix light: group 0/0+ car seat so can be used lie-flat then rear facing
  • 4 Position recline (2 approved for use in car)
  • 3 Position carry handle
  • Apron
  • Installed with car seat-belt
  • 5 Point safety harness
Accessories includedHood, shopping basket
Optional extras
  • Co-ordinating pram bag (£59.99)
  • Raincover (£34.99)
  • Surfer 3 platform for 2nd child (£74.99)
  • Co-ordinating nest footmuff (£79.99)
  • Anti-UV sun parasol (£34.99)
  • Bottle holder (£14.99)