Let the battle of the Christmas ads begin!

The big brands are up against each other on TV with their 2017 Christmas adverts - but which one is your family's favourite?


John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017: Moz The Monster

Known for inspiring a lone tear down our cheeks, the John Lewis Christmas ad for 2017 definitely lives up to last year’s #BusterTheBoxer, and 2015’s viral sensation, The Snowman, featuring the unforgettable track The Power Of Love.


This year’s stars the adorable (but rather huge) Moz The Monster, who keeps little boy Joe up by snoring and playing each night.

And yes, of course you can get a Moz soft toy. £20 from John Lewis…

Coca-Cola Christmas Ad 2016: Holidays are Coming

Coca-Cola, often credited with inventing our whole image of jolly Santa in his red suit when he first appeared in their advertising in 1931, was forced to bring back its iconic “Holidays are Coming” ad in 2007 after scores of people said it marked the beginning of Christmas for them.

Debenhams Christmas Ad 2017: #YouShall

In a 20-second clip, the 1st part of the Debenhams ad teases viewers with start of a budding romance on a bustling train carriage, quickly thwatrted when the woman runs off, realising she’s on the wrong platform.

What does she leave behind? A glittery shoe, of course… we’re definitely getting Cinderella vibes.

Watch the Debenhams Christmas ad here

Marks & Spencer Christmas Ad 2017: Paddington & The Christmas Visitior

Paddington Bear gives Santa a helping hand on a idyllic and snow Christmas Eve. Just lovely…

Watch the M&S Christmas ad here

Argos Christmas Ad 2017: #ReadyForTakeOff

One Elf’s journey to make sure a toy gets where it needs to go, just in time for Christmas Day…

Watch the Argos Christmas ad here

Matalan Christmas Ad 2017: Giving Value To Every Moment

Less teary, and much more high energy. Featuring lots of bickering, busy mornings and general family chaos…

Watch the Matalan Christmas here

Tesco Christmas Ad 2017: Turkey, Every Which Way

Finally, an ad that just gets us and knows *exactly* what we really want this Christmas ?

Watch the Tesco Christmas ad here

House Of Fraser Christmas Ad 2017: Bring Merry Back

An ad all about fun, family, friends and a healthy dollop of nostalgia. And glitter!

Watch the House Of Fraser Christmas ad here

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