MFM’s sneak preview of 2011’s hottest toys

We got a preview of the coolest gadgets and children's playthings due out in 2011 at London's Toy Fair. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at what we adored...


Wills and Kate inspired toys

Introducing newly weds William and Catherine Periwinkle (sound familiar?!), Sylvanian Families is bang on the Royal Wedding trend this year.


Tying the knot with their bridesmaids Amelia and Louise, the wedded couple isn’t available until later this year and will cost £25.


Scooter chic

Brand new to the toy market, the Scoobits are the coolest gadgets to pimp up your scooter! These colourful rubber additions come in hundreds of different varieties and can be clipped onto scooters, bikes and even a zimmer frame apparently.

At £3.99 each and available at Amazon, these are perfect pocket money gifts or stocking fillers – you heard it here first!

Playmobil play house

The perfect playhouse

This is quite possibly THE best playhouse we’ve seen in a long time! Boasting three floors, two balconies, a functioning doorbell and a lockable front door, this Playmobil Grande Mansion is what dream houses are made of.

Not available until June, your child will be able to collect all the separate bits for the rooms.

Rock ‘n’ Rolla, Worlds Apart

Rocking ride-ons

These quirky looking chaps are the latest toys from Worlds Apart. Not available until Spring, the soft, colourful cow and dog Rock ‘n’ Rolla® ride-ons went down a storm at the Toy Fair and we predict they’ll be a big hit this year.

Peek a Shoe Octopus

One happy octopus

This toy from Leapfrog is all about getting your child to learn their numbers and recognise colours. It also sings – a lot! Drop the ball into the tip of the octopus and he’ll help your child guess where it went by interacting and (you guessed it) singing.

This isn’t available until Spring, so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

Playmobil egg

Choccie-free eggs

Just in time for Easter, the cool little Playmobil eggs eggs contain four different characters. They’re all made the same size, so can be added to your child’s other Playmobil collections and we think they’ll be a great alternative to chocolate this Easter.

These will be available from February.

Toy Story night light, Worlds Apart

For LEGO lovers

The daddy of all nightlights, this Lego Go Glow® light from Worlds Apart features a mini figurine at the helm and the colours of the lights can be changed to LEGO hues. Perfect for a good night’s sleep, the light is due out later this year.

Sausage dog roller, Janod

Man’s best friend

This gorgeous pull-along dog from Janod is handpainted and so cute! Famous for its traditional wooden toys, you can buy Janod products from Amazon and Little Nut Tree Toys.

Angry Birds, Character Options

Angry Birds that are… err, angry!

They’re grumpy, angry and, we think, rather fabulous! These plush birds do exactly what they say on the tin – be angry! They also come in smaller ‘squeeze and squeak’ versions.

Prices start from £3.99 and they’ll be available in Spring.


The next big schoolyard trend?

These bug-eyed beauties caught our eye and we loved the different characters. A massive trend in Korea, these little YooHoo fellows have made their way into Europe and are set to be huge. They’re available to buy now at My Favourite Friends, but the new characters won’t be about until late February.

Teacup Piggies, Tomy

Pig in a tea cup

A hot contender for our fave new toy on the block, these talking, squeaking little piglets say 25 different phrases and did we mention how cute they are?!

You can feed them milk and they say “thank you” and oink when you press their noses.

With a price tag of £14.99, they’ll be available later this year from Tomy.

Hex Bug

Cool creeply crawlies

The robotic HEXBUG Spider, available now, comes with an infrared remote control that enables the user to operate multiple bugs. The spider recreates the real movements of its living namesake. Its crawling motion made us itch – but we still loved it!

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