From the moment you bring your baby home, your monitor will be the eyes in the back of your head. And modern baby monitors are so much more than just a listening device. You can get all sorts of fancy features, with digital options and even video if you want to watch your baby sleep as well as hear her if she wakes. The reassurance you get from a monitor can be second to none, so we asked our mums to tell us the vital things to consider when choosing one.


Sound and vision

“You need to decide whether sound is enough or if you want to be able to see your baby, too. Digital monitors have good sound quality, and more channels in case you get interference. The Summer Infant Slim and Secure monitor comes with a TV output cable but we’ve not had to use it, as the monitor is excellent quality and the sound is so clear.”

Hannah Sevenoaks, 30, from Inverie, mum to Lola, 6 months


“Can you attach the parent unit to yourself? It doesn’t seem that important, but it’s reassuring to always know where it is. Many brands come with a belt clip and, if you travel a lot, look for one that comes with a travel case so you know it’s safe.”

Harriet Wilkes, 34, from Sunbury, mum to Missy, 5 months

Check its Range

“Get a monitor that has more range than you think you’ll need. We live in a bungalow, so we’re never far from our son’s room and only need a few metres. But the extra range is useful if we need to go out into the garden or for when we stay with the grandparents.”

Sally Davies, 33, from Leeds, mum to Sam, 10 months

Bright idea

“One really cool feature on our LeapFrog Digital Advance monitor are the lights that flash when your baby makes a noise – you can turn the volume down and still be able to tell what your baby’s up to. I found it really reassuring because I was always worried I’d zone out and not hear the monitor.”

Phillippa Smith, 25, from Hayes, mum to Harry, 1

Do you need the extras?

“Think about what you really need and what’s included. We nearly bought an all-singing, all-dancing one that sang lullabies and had a video screen. But we chose Tommee Tippee’s Digital Sensor Pad monitor because all we needed was a sensor mat and a thermometer.”


Amy Mann, 30, from Hampshire, mum to Tyler, 3