Nurse Hello Duplo review

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
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In a nutshell

This is a smart looking but hard-to-fold travel system that lets your baby lie flat or rear facing whilst travelling in the car - if you manage to install it correctly
1.0 out of 5 rating 1.0
3.5 out of 5 rating 3.5
Comfort for child
3.0 out of 5 rating 3.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
3.5 out of 5 rating 3.5
Worth the money
2.0 out of 5 rating 2.0
Pros: Good looking, car seat converts from lie-flat to rear facing mode, car seat can last from 0-15 months, forward or rear facing option, accessories included
Cons: Quite a bulky system, difficult to fold, not very user-friendly, pushchair too small for toddlers
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The Nurse Hello Duplo features a lie-flat car seat that converts to be a rear facing one, lasting from birth until your baby is 15 months old. However, installing it correctly in the car isn’t always easy, especially with the instructions given.


The Nurse Hello is a pushchair that is compatible with a number of Nurse carrycots and car seats, so it can be converted into a travel system. If you add the Duplo carrycot/car seat, you get the Nurse Hello Duplo.

The Hello pushchair is suitable from around 6 months, and the Duplo from birth until about 15 months. You use special connectors to attach the Duplo to the pushchair frame to use it as a pram. The Duplo’s big selling point is that it converts from a lie-flat car seat to a rear facing car seat.

What we love

The Nurse Hello Duplo is a really smart looking travel system. It uses a Tube map design on the fabric, and so is unisex – for babies and for the mum or dad pushing it! The matching accessories are wonderful bonus  – the pram bag has a cute foldaway changing mat, and can be hung from the handle, and the raincover also comes in its own bag. 

The Nurse Hello pushchair can be used in forward or rear (parent) facing mode. It’s great to have the flexibility to choose between ‘chatting’ face-to-face or letting your inquisitive toddler really check out the world going by.

The Duplo carrycot/car seat also looks smart and comes with a hood and cover. It’s a great idea to have one accessory that enables your newborn baby to lie flat in the car and on the pushchair frame. Because the Duplo converts into a conventional rear facing car seat, you can continue to use the same piece of equipment once your baby no longer needs to lie flat. As well as the lie-flat and car seat positions, the Duplo has two other back positions that you can use on the pushchair frame as your baby grows and wants to be a bit more upright.

What to watch out for

The instructions are poor. I found them difficult to follow, the pictures aren’t clear and the translation from the original Spanish could be much better. It took me more than an hour to work out how to put it all together and practice putting the Duplo in the car.

In the UK, the Hello pushchair seat is recommended for use from 6 months, which means that you’ll need to use the Duplo with the pushchair frame at first. The pushchair is said to be suitable for use up to 3 years. My daughter Martha is just over 2 years old and she was far too big for it. Although the Hello pushchair has multiple lie back positions, it doesn’t actually get any longer, so Martha legs dangled off the end and she had to bend them until her knees practically kiss ears to fit her feet onto the footrest. The seat also didn’t seem deep enough – I felt that she was balanced on the edge of it. I then tried Martha’s 18-month old cousin, Evie, in it and her legs were also too long. That said, Evie did seem to like the Hello and wanted to go out in it. 

The biggest downfalls of the Nurse Hello for me are folding it and changing the position of the handle. The handle has four positions, and to fold the Hello, the handle needs to be in the shortest position. On one occasion I extended the handle as far as it can go… and for the next two days I attempted numerous times to put it back again. The handle also wobbles up and down a lot when you’re walking. To fold the buggy, you have to turn the centre of the handle with one hand, whilst pulling up a hook with the other. I struggled with this, and I think you need super strong wrists. It folded a couple of times, and then on one occasion, I just simply couldn’t do it. I got blisters trying. My friends (a mum and a dad, so buggy-savvy!) also tried without luck. Finally, my husband and I – armed with a screwdriver – got it to work.

The Duplo carrycot/car seat is heavy. I could carry our 3-month-old friend Raef, but I think in another three months’ time, I’d really struggle.

I had a few problems with the connectors that attach the accessories such as the Duplo to the Hello frame, but when they’re working properly, the seat slots in fairly easily. To remove the Duplo carrycot from the frame you need an extra hand – two to unlock the connectors and one to hold the handle steady and lift the Duplo out.

The instructions are hard to follow, so putting the Duplo in the car in the lie flat position involved a bit of guesswork. I didn’t feel confident with the results at all. It wobbled around and didn’t feel secure. I’d want to be shown how to do this correctly before I’d be happy to use it this way. It’s also a bit of a pain because you need access to two seatbelts, which means that if you have an older child’s car seat already in the car, you have to take it out so that you can fasten the Duplo, and then put it back in again. 

The Duplo also converts to be a conventional rear facing car seat, but again, I was not happy with the fit in my car. Unlike other seats that I have used, the lap part of the seat belt goes underneath the seat. I found it really fiddly to get it through the guides at the sides and the back and it didn’t seem to be firmly fastened at all. In addition, although they say that you can use it rear facing from birth, it was far too upright for this – Raef’s head was lolling all over the place, and he seemed to hate it.

Who is the Nurse Hello Duplo travel system best for?

Mums and dads who like stylish products and want a car seat with options.


MadeForMums verdict

The Nurse Hello Duplo travel system is stylish but has a lot of niggles, from the difficult folding mechanism, to the uncertainty of fitting the car seat correctly. The idea of the Duplo turning the pushchair into a pram suitable from birth, and converting from a lie-flat to rear facing car seat is appealing, although it can be hard to remove from the chassis, fiddly to install and heavy. With a bit of fine-tuning by the manufacturer, and advice on installing the car seat, it’d be greatly improved.

Product Specifications


Brand Nurse
Model Hello Duplo
Price £409.99

Suitable for

Child age (approx) Birth to 3 years

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 11.4kg
Dimensions H:88cm W:45cm L:58cm
Dimensions (folded) H:68cm W:58cm L:63cm


Travel system compatible Yes
Compatible car seats Duplo carrycot/car seat
Seat facing direction Forward facing and parent facing
Front wheels Lockable swivel
Recline positions 4
  • Elliptic aluminium chassis
  • Ergonomic soft grip adjustable handle
  • Inflatable rear wheels
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Front and rear quick release wheels
  • Brakes on rear wheels
  • Removable bumper bar
  • 5 point harness
  • Removable seat upholstery
  • Duplo turns pushchair into a pram
  • Duplo converts from lie-flat to rear facing car seat suitable to 15 months


Accessories included Large shopping basket, tyre pump, pushchair raincover and matching storage bag, pushchair fabric apron, co-ordinating pram bag, fitting kit for car seat
Optional extras
  • Duplo carrycot/car seat
  • Piccola car seat (required to create this travel system)
  • Capazo carrycot/car seat