Lucinda Croft recommends a good quality nursing chair in every nursery

We’ve come across a lot of stories of celebrity parents lavishing their baby’s nursery in the latest ‘it’ designs and furniture. But what exactly are the latest trends?


“At the moment nurseries tend to lean towards very muted, minimalistic and calm pieces,” says Lucinda Croft, nusery expert and MD of Dragons of Walton Street, London. “People aren’t going for bright, bold colours but are opting for peaceful beiges, creams and white instead.”

It seems that parents are keeping it traditional when choosing colours for baby boys and girls, too. “Mums and dads are opting for pale pinks for girls and baby blues for boys. I’ve definitely seen that curve happening recently. A lot of the accessories I’ve been putting in the shop compliment that look, too, so parents are going all out on the traditional boy/girl look,” explains Lucinda.

However, the trickiest (and most expensive) part of decorating a baby nursery is to decide on the furniture. Should you go contemporary? Or is traditional best?

“I still think contemporary furniture is a small part of the market and I think parents opt for traditional furniture, as it’s a nice to pass onto their children through generations,” Lucinda says. “It’s terribly eco friendly because we can paint pictures or personalised messages on the furniture, and it can then be painted over through the years for different generations. I find it really thrilling when clients come in and say that they’re passing the furniture down."

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Along with the right colour and carefully selected furniture, sometimes it’s the accessories and finishing touches that really make the nursery come alive, says Lucinda.

“Despite parents being more minimalist, I do think accessories are a big buy and important to a nursery or child’s bedroom,” explains Lucinda. “Even if you’re on a budget, you can still buy little accents that can really bring the room together. If you buy some gender neutral furniture and keep those plain, you can buy some lovely accessories like lamp shade, rugs, pictures and things that can really bring the nursery alive.”

Of course, a nursery can keep evolving once your baby’s arrived. Once you see their personality emerging, you can add to the nursery décor. “It can be a great bonding experience,” says Lucinda.

Lucinda says nursing chairs – of a good quality – is another trend she’s noticed. “It’s really important because you spend a lot of time feeding in the early days, so you’ve got to be comfortable. If you’re comfy, chances are your baby will be happier too, so parents are recognising this and investing in a decent nursing chair which can be used as an ordinary rocking chair when their baby grows older.”


If you’re currently decorating your baby’s nursery, we’d love to hear what you’ve decided to do below… and make sure you share any DIY decorating tips, too!