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Baby shopping checklists, product trend reports, buying advice and buyer's guides, round-ups of the top performing products plus explanations of baby and parenting product lingo - here's what MadeForMums has covered.


Shopping checklists

We have the most straightforward and realistic baby shopping checklists in Britain. Our shopping lists break down your baby buys into the essentials, the really useful and the bits that are just nice to have but which you can do without if your budget is tight. Of course, what you need for one baby and what you need for twins is different, so we have dedicated twin checklists, covering twin baby essentials, really useful items for twins and the nice but non-essential products for multiples.


Every checklist comes in two forms – one that’s easy to read on your computer screen, plus a free-to-download form that you can print off and take around the shops with you.

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Buyer’s guides

MadeForMums has the most comprehensive, no-nonsense and easy-to-follow buyer’s guides available in the UK. For all major pregnancy, baby and toddler purchases, we take you step-by-step through finding the right product for your needs. Every guide has been examined by three sets of experienced eyes, to ensure it gives you the best info, in the clearest possible way. Want to buy secondhand? We also have guides to the safety checks and essential buying advice you need when bagging a pre-loved bargain.

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Detailed product explanations

Wondering what on earth ISOFIX is? Confused about the latest car seat laws? We’ve created the most useful series of articles around to explain the lingo, rules and other need-to-know product info. Be it an explanation of the different ways buggies fold or why your newborn needs a lie-flat pushchair, we’ve put all the complicated stuff into plain English, for you to follow with ease, no matter how new to parenting you are. You can find these great pieces and more in our central buyer’s guide hub.

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Trend reports

By attending UK and international trade fairs, we get to see months and even years in advance what product designs are emerging and what’s happening across the entire parenting market. We regularly share our insider sneak previews with you. You’ll find these in four areas, along with great buying advice and review round-ups:

  1. What to buy – pregnancy – a look at items you’ll be thinking about buying before your baby arrives, from things for you, like maternity wear, to big baby buys, such as buggies, car seats and nursery furniture.
  2. What to buy – baby – all the things you’ll look to buy once you’ve got a baby on your hands, from age appropriate baby play equipment to forward facing car seats for older babies and super-lightweight buggies.
  3. What to buy – toddler – covers items for your toddler and child, from Group 2/3 car seats to double buggies that can handle a toddler and baby.
  4. What to buy – feeding – anything you need to buy for weaning and mealtimes, it’ll be here. From highchairs to bibs, this section has the move to solid foods and beyond covered.
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10 of the best guides

Our 10 of the best guides are based on our huge range of comprehensive product reviews. Each 10 of the best guide addresses a different need – be it highchairs for small kitchens or buggies under £150 – and then gathers together 10 of the top-scoring products we’ve reviewed that meet this need. If you’re short on time or just feeling really overwhelmed by choice, our 10 of the best guides are the place to start. We revisit and update these every year, and you can find out more about each product included by clicking through to the full review.


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