14 internet and text slang terms every parent should know

Do you know when you've been roasted or when there's 9 going on? How many of the following can you decipher...


Parents have been advised to check how well they know their teenagers’ use of text and internet slang after a mum was quizzed on various slang terms by CBS News and only managed to correctly guess one.


So whether you happen to accidentally glance at one of your child’s WhatsApp or Snapchat messages, unintentionally overhear something or for whatever reason feel the need to check their Messenger history, how many of these would you know? 

Let’s start with an obvious one…


What it stands for: Fear of missing out
Meaning: The feeling that something better is happening somewhere else, perhaps something you’ve not been invited to. Often driven by social media.


What it stands for: Not safe for life
Meaning: Worse than NSFW (not safe for work). Used to describe something no-one should ever see.


What it stands for: Shaking my head
Meaning: Would be used to express dismay or disappointment in something.


Meaning: To create a fake social media profile and lure someone into a relationship, pretending to be someone else. 


What it stands for: Parents are watching
Meaning: Self-explanatory. If you see this one being texted, they’ve probably typed it too late and are in big trouble ?


What it stands for: Parent in room


What it stands for: Get naked on camera


What it stands for: Before anyone else
Meaning: A term used for boyfriends, girlfriends or even friends.


Meaning: To ‘roast’ someone is to insult and humiliate them as a joke.


What it stands for: Parent watching (apparently)


What it stands for: Sense of humour failure


What it stands for: I want sex now


FWIW (for what it’s worth) – by the time you’ve read this there could well be loads of new terms to get your head around.

So what abbreviation or initialism have you seen your child use that you don’t get? ??? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter

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