5 things that defined parenting in 2014

Are you taking a baby selfie while watching Frozen? Then you're probably bang on this year's parenting trends…


1. Baby selfies

This year if you didn’t take a picture of yourself doing something, then it didn’t happen. That’s why Gwen Stefani treated us to glamorous selfies of her bump when she was pregnant with Apollo. It’s also why actress Alyssa Milano took a selfie of herself breastfeeding her 7-week-old daughter Elizabeth. Even Corrie’s Alan Halsall changed his ‘no-selfies’ rule to post an adorable pic of 1-year-old Sienna-Rae.


Of course, all that selfie-taking is rubbing off on the next generation and they’ve even started taking things into their own hands. That’s how Strictly Come Dancing star and Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge’s son Parker is taking selfies before he can walk!

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2. Frozen mania

OK, so technically Frozen was released in 2013, but this was the year Frozen-mania really took hold. How many times have you heard ‘Let it go’ this year? We’re pretty sure we could recite the lyrics backwards. We’re just praying it doesn’t actually snow. Can you imagine? Making a snowman that looks like Olaf while singing Do you want to build a snowman? OK, actually that would be cute. At least it would be a change of song!

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3. Vintage baby names

There’s been a lot of talk about babies named after characters from Game of Thrones or Hunger Games this year. But the trend we’ve loved most is the return of old-fashioned baby names. Robbie Williams already has a daughter called Theodora or ‘Teddy’ for short, so when his son was born this year he stuck with the vintage theme naming him Charlton. Meanwhile, Holly Willoughby gave birth to her third child and named him Chester. Even Corrie’s Jennie McAlpine has got in on the act – naming her baby boy Albert.

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4. Gender equality

Feminism has been a hot topic in 2014, and an emphasis on gender equality has seeped into parenting too. Following the success of the Let Toys Be Toys campaign in 2013 to remove ‘Boys toys’ and ‘Girls toys’ signage in most high street toys stores, the focus moved on to clothes this year. In October, there was the Twitter row over ‘sexist’ superhero kids’ clothes that came with different messages for boys and girls. “I only date heroes,” the girl’s babygro read and “Future man of steel,” the boys’ one said. Meanwhile, an older girl’s T-shirt spotted for sale on the Junior section of the Walmart website also caused offence. “Training to be Batman’s wife,” the shirt read in bright pink letters. Grrrr!

And it wasn’t just parents that wanted things for boys and girls to be more equal – children took a stand too. In February, a 7-year-old wrote a letter to Lego complaining about the dull lives of Lego girls, which then went viral. “I want you to make more Lego girls go on adventures,” said Charlotte, pointing out that Lego girls only have the opportunity to sit at home or go to the beach.

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5. Creative pregnancy announcements

In 2014 you couldn’t just announce your pregnancy – you had to come up with some clever way to make your baby news go viral. McFly frontman Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanni told the world they were expecting with the help of four pumpkins, some clever knife skills and a video. Meanwhile, S Club’s Rachel Stevens said it with shoes. She posted a picture showing each member of her family’s year of birth and favourite footwear – including the expected new arrival! Awww.

Mum-to-be, Emily, was thrilled to stumble upon A-list actor Will Smith in a coffee shop. She asked him to help break her pregnancy news on Instagram by holding up a very special announcement

Actor Chris O’Dowd, star of Bridesmaids, announced his pregnancy news by nominating his wife’s brand new bump for the Ice Bucket Challenge. After receiving his own soaking for the challenge, he named ‘Baby O’Porter’ to do it next, and then swivelled the camera around to his pregnant TV presenter wife Dawn O’Porter.

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