5 ways to save money at the movies

A family visit to the cinema isn’t cheap, but there are ways to save money


Baby friendly screenings

Many multiplexes hold baby friendly screenings in the morning (around 11am) where you can get the chance to not only see the latest releases for cheaper (as baby goes free and you pay off peak rates), but you can also meet other mums and not need to worry about your baby crying.


Take your own snacks – Popcorn, Pick ‘N Mix, soft drinks ect…

Part of the cinema experience for many is the snacks, the popcorn, the Pick ‘n Mix and so on, but have you seen the prices the cinemas charge?!

It’s a cheeky trick, but a tried and tested one too. If you want snacks at the cinema, visit the shops before hand and pick up the same products at a fraction of the price.


Look for special children’s screenings

A number of cinemas hold extra cheap screenings, the times of the screenings differ from cinema to cinema, although a number of major chains, such as Cineworld, Vue, and Picturehouses all host screenings designed for children on Saturday mornings where kids are able to attend for about £1 per ticket. 


Do your research: sometimes your local cinema doesn’t have the best value for money

If you want to visit the cinema with your little one and you want the best deal possible, you should do your research, does your local cinema offer the best value for money?

Check out the cinema’s in-house press, sign up to their newsletters, and find out when they do special deals (as they’re not all aimed for romantic weekend nights)

Keep an eye out for family ticket deals and find out what the cinema’s rules are, for example, some cinemas will let babies up to 2-years-old in for free, while others require your child to have a children’s ticket from 18 months old. Similarly, the age range between a child and adult ticket varies from cinema to cinema (sometimes set the limit at 12, others set it at 14)


Visit during off peak times

Most cinemas will have off peak (less popular) and peak screenings. During the off peak times, film tickets can often be sold at a really good discount (about 25% off).   

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