6 fun mumfessions

Every parent of a toddler has one – mums come clean about their ‘mummy brain’ moments


“I lied about when his birthday was!”

“Scott was due to turn 3 the same day as my job interview, so I told a porky that his birthday was the day after, and had all his friends and their parents round for a party a day late. I felt bad, but he’s too young to know and it’ll be a great story when he’s older, I’m sure.”


Emma Ray, 29, from Cardiff, mum to Scott, 3


“Her cereal was on my face”

“I’d dropped Cerys at nursery and was rushing to catch my train to work. As I sat down, the man opposite gave me a strange look. It was only when I got my mirror out to do my make-up that I realised why – I had a big dollop of Weetabix from her breakfast on my forehead! It must have made its way there when she gave me a big hug earlier that morning.”

Siân Lyde, 35, from Surrey, mum to Cerys, 22 months

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“We do the school run in her PJs”

“When I do the school run with the older children, Matilda goes to the school in her PJs! I put her fleecy sleepsuit over her babygro as it’s so quick, and then pop on her coat and the apron over the pushchair so no one can see. Another mum recently asked me how I managed to get all my children ready on time in the morning. The answer? I don’t, I just do what I can get away with!”

Jo Holland, 36, from Kent, mum to Harry, 10, Bridie, 9, Erin, 7, Arthur, 4, Arwen, 2, Matilda, 19 months, and Merlin, 5 months

Your child’s first haircut doesn’t have to make a statement – set your sights on just getting through a basic trim first!

“Our short haircut went awry”

“Alice hated the hairdressers and always kicked up such a fuss. The solution? Trimming it at home myself while she watched CBeebies. A genius idea, or so I thought, until she jumped up laughing at the telly without warning, taking a huge chunk of her hair in the scissors in the process. The poor girl had to have a combover for weeks!”

Jenny Kent, 39, from Plymouth, mum to Alice, 4, and Ryan, 1

Remember you’re not the only parent feeling the way you do – the parents of your child’s classmates feel the same!

“I put his shoes on the wrong feet”

“I dressed Jack and left the house without realising he had his shoes on the wrong feet. I spent ages trying to work out what was wrong as his walking didn’t look quite right, but it took a dad at our music class to point it out. It was mortifying, especially as I was pregnant with Lola at the time!”

Laura Head, 21, from Bury St Edmunds, mum to Jack, 2½, and Lola, 1

Don’t just let the children run wild, as getting over-excited can lead to tears.

“I’ve dressed my two in each other’s clothes”

“I’m terrible for putting the wrong clothes on Melissa and Evie before rushing out. As they’re a year apart, one always ends up with short arms and legs and the other with no hands or feet. I’m putting it all down to having a 13-week-old baby as well!”


Deborah Crompton, 27, from Huddersfield, mum to Melissa, 3, Evie, 2, and Imogen, 13 weeks

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