Adoption process to be given shake up

Adopting children needs to be made faster and easier in Britain, says report


Parents wanting to adopt is on the increase, yet the number of successful adoptions is falling, states a report by Martin Narey, the former chief of Barnado’s.


The report commissioned by The Times was conducted by Martin Narey, former chief executive of Barnado’s has been drawn up to encourage some form of positive change in the “hopelessly slow” adoption system.

While the number of parents wanting to adopt is growing, the number of successful adoptions is falling. In England adoption rates are at an 11-year low, only 2,300 children were adopted last year.

Mr Narey, 55, has been appointed the Ministerial Adviser on Adoption to significantly improve the current system.

Among his recommendations to improve the system, Martin Narey suggests:


League tables should be published, ranking councils by their speed and rate of adoption

  • Local authorities should not to waste time assessing friends or family of a vulnerable child.
  • The Children’s Minister ensures that adoption is given greater prominence on social work training.
  • Abused children should live with prospective adoptive parents straight away rather than spend years in care.
  • Local authorities, pregnancy advisory services and children’s charities should reflect on how allowing adoption might be presented as a valid option for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy.

    There are a huge number of reasons why some couples may look to adopt. Rather than the hope of having a child be abolished, the opportunity to adopt should be a strong alternative option. However, for many couples today, it seems this is easier said than done.

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