Becoming a parent improves your health

Parents are better at fighting off the common cold


You might think that having children increases your chances of catching nasty bugs and colds, but a new study has found that parents are actually 52% less likely to catch a cold than their childless counterparts!


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University exposed 795 healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 55 to the common cold and found that overall non-parents were much more likely to develop the virus.

The study also revealed that the more children you have the better your chances are of staying sickness-free. Parents with one or two children were found to be 48% less likely to get ill, while parents with three or more little ones were 61% less likely!

Scientists suspect that parents’ ability to fight germs comes down to ‘mental toughness.’ 

‘We expect that a psychological benefit of parenthood that we did not measure may have been responsible,’ says Professor Sheldon Cohen, who authored the study. ‘We have had a long-term interest in how various social relationships influence health outcomes. Parenthood was especially interesting to us because it has been proposed that it can have both positive and negative effects on health.’

What do you think? Have you caught less coughs and colds since you became a mum? 

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