Don’t miss – new Blossom magazine for 4-6 year old girls

Proudly pink and packed with book, toy and TV characters, Blossom is set to be the must-have mag for young girls


Have you got a 4-6 year old daughter with a big imagination who loves to do activities at home? If the answer is yes, then look out for a new monthly magazine Blossom in the shops next week.


Blossom, subtitled ‘The new magazine for girls… who love to learn!’ is full of fun and activities, with lots of educational content cleverly woven in. It’s unashamedly pink, features ballet and a princess or two, but also has articles on playing soccer, bug spotting and learning French. Perfect!

Plus, Blossom magazine’s own four girl characters are on hand to guide your daughter through the magazine, and explore different jobs that young girls may aspire to.

The first issue comes with a design your own flip-flops kit – perfect for the hot sunny weather we’re sure is on its way. It also features popular book, toy and TV characters: Poppy Cat, Chloe’s Closet, Ella Bella Ballerina, Little Princess, Emily Button and Tickety-Toc. 


Blossom is priced at £2.75 and is available from all major retailers and independent newsagents from 29 May.

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