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Hope-filled letter to parents from Chinese teacher

A teacher who's just starting to emerge from lockdown in China after nearly 2 months has shared a heartfelt reflection for parents

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Published: March 28, 2020 at 9:43 am

At such a difficult time, shared experiences are particuarly valuable and so we wanted to share one Chinese teacher's reflections after lockdown is slowly starting to lift after 7 weeks. While we understand it's written by a teacher in China, we can't be 100% sure of who the author is, but it's a powerful read.

As we watch the rest of the world being their time inside, here are some of my reflections on the last 7 weeks

"We are just finishing our 7th week of e-learning, 7 weeks of being mainly housebound and 7 weeks of uncertainty. We are healthy, we are happy and we are humbled.

We are allowed to move around freely now with a green QR code that we show when we get our temperature taken. You get your temperature taken everywhere and it's just become part of the routine. Most restaurants and shopping centres are now open, and life is coming back to our city.

1. Accept that you have no control over the situation. Let go of any thoughts of trying to plan too much for the next month or two. Things change so fast. Don't be angry and annoyed at the system. Anxiety goes down, and you make the best of the situation - whatever that might be for you. Accept that this is what it is and things will get easier.

2. Try not to listen/read/watch too much media. It WILL drive you crazy. There is a thing as too much!

The sense of community I have felt during this time is incredible

3. The sense of community I have felt during this time is incredible. I could choose who I wanted to spend my energy on - who I wanted to call, message and connect with and found the quality of my relationships has improved.

4, Appreciate this enforced downtime. When do you ever have time like this? I will miss it when we go back to the fast-paced speed of the 'real world'.

5. Time goes fast. I still haven't picked up the ukelele I planned to learn, and there are box set TV shows I haven't watched yet.

6. As a teacher, the relationships I have built with my students have only continued to grow. I have loved seeing how independent they are, filming themselves to respond to tasks while also learning essential life skills such as balance, risk-taking and problem-solving, that even we as adults are still learning.

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To those just beginning this journey, you will get through it

7. You learn to appreciate the little thing; sunshine through the window, flowers blossoming and being able to enjoy a coffee in a cafe.

To those just beginning this journey, you will get through it. Listen to what you are told, follow the rules and look out for each other. There is light at the end of the tunnel."

Please share this with friends and family to bring a little hope today...




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