Master the weekly shop with your baby in tow

Supermarkets are daunting when you’ve got a newborn to care for. Read our top tips for stress-free shopping...


“Online shopping was practically invented for new mums, and it is fantastic for doing a big grocery shop, but if you need to pop out for any little extras, try not to panic,” says Lucy. “Supermarkets can be busy and manic. The best thing to do is to always take up any offers of help from friends or relatives, either to grab bits and pieces for you while they’re out, or go with you to the shop to lend a hand,” says Margarita.


Suss out the shops

Look around your local area and choose a store that has lots of baby and parent spaces, a café for you to stop in and feed if needs be and changing facilities. Some big stores will give you a nappy and wipes if you need to change your baby and have forgotten your bag. “Pick your supermarket wisely,” agrees Lucy. “Do a trial run with your partner before you go to do a big shop alone.”

Ask for help

The best idea for hitting the supermarket aisles is to have your baby in a sling, so you’ve got your arms free to use a basket or push a trolley. Alternatively, ask at customer services for a trolley that has a special shelf and harness to accommodate your baby in its car seat, so you can shop while they sleep. When you get to the checkouts, ask the assistant for a hand packing your bags, so you’re not struggling. Most cashiers are more than willing to help.

Shop between feeds

Wait until you’ve got a bit of routine before you hit the shops alone. Go around her feeding times, this way you’ll be confident you can finish your shopping and get home in time for the next feed.

Mum’s story

“I did all my shopping on the internet and had it delivered until Sophie was old enough to sit up in a supermarket trolley. It worked, as I didn’t have the stress of taking her around with me, but now she’s a bit more sturdy, she loves being up high in the trolley.”


Stephanie Haughey, 26, from Northern Ireland, mum to Sophie, 10 months.

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