Practical baby advice from mums

How to remember all your baby gear, deal with stains and cut off tantrums -mums share their top tips on the practicalities of looking after a baby


Having multiple bears saves tantrums


“We bought several of the same bear so there’s always one in each car, one in the cot and one downstairs. It saves hunting for Samuel’s teddy when he wants it, and means if one gets chewed up, or goes for a pampering session (aka a spin in the washing machine!) we’ve got a back-up.”

Sarah Farquhar,32, from Burbage, mum to Samuel, 6 months

For mess-free nappy off time

“Keep kitchen roll everywhere is my best advice. I have it stationed all round the house so I can easily put four or five sheets under Euan when he’s having nappy-free time. Thisway when he has a wee I don’t have to worry!”

Emma Harris-Coyne, 24, from Cambridgeshire, mum to Erin, 4, and Euan, 8 months

For leaving the house without forgetting stuff

“I always have the changing bag ready to go. After each trip out it’s refilled with anything that has been used, from nappies to snacks and wipes. Then I don’t have to worry about it next time we go out and it also means it’s ready in an emergency.”

Lynne Nelson, 28, from Fife, mum to Connor, 5, Caitlin, 4, and Andrew, 2

When your baby is sick all over your work clothes

“My mum looks after my son while I’m at work as a veterinary nurse and a few weeks ago she popped in with him to pick something up. While I was giving him a quick cuddle, he was sick all over me! I didn’t have any spare clothes so used baby wipes to clean up most of the mess. I then sponged myself down with a damp cloth and when that had dried, I sprinkled bicarbonate of soda over the area, which I brushed off a few minutes later. This did the job well enough for me to finish my shift.”

Kate Fever, 24, from Devon, mum to Gemma, 3, and Jacob, 9 months

For cutting little fingernails

“Quentin is usually moving, screaming or crying whenever I try to cut his fingernails, so to make it easier for us both, we make the experience a fun game. Just before I start to cut his nails, I make funny noises or sing songs and he soon starts copying me or laughing. Each time I cut another one I make a different noise, and it’s really funny, quick and easy for us both.”

Beatrix Varga, 23, from London, mum to Quentin, 6 months

For happy baby apps

“If you’ve got a smartphone, try looking for baby apps. My husband’s got a brilliant farmyard one with all the different animal sounds to keep Thomas entertained (try iTunes’ Let’s Hear the Animals), and another white noise app (iTunes’ White Noise Lite) to help calm him down at bedtime. And both were free!”

Eva Walters, 31, from Manchester, mum to Thomas, 8 months

For eliminating nappy stains

“With most nappies I use I’ve noticed a bit of leakage and found stains around the legs of Harry’s vests. I get rid of them by rubbing Fairy washing-up liquid into the area before popping them into the wash as normal. It works brilliantly and saves me having to buy spare vests for him.”

Elizabeth Alfano, 27, from Berkshire, mum to Harry, 4 months

For less mess weaning

“If you’re starting to wean your little one, dig out your old muslin squares and tie them loosely around your baby’s neck. It’s a brilliant trick as it covers all of your baby and you can scoop up any bits of food that miss her mouth and shake it straight over the bin. I also use them to wipe Savannah’s mouth and hands after she’s eaten.”

Kez Jones, 32, from Wokingham, mum to Mackenzie, 6, and Savannah, 13 months

For cute baby clothes

“I’ve found Childrensalon (www.children is a great place to find lovely kids’ clothes that are a bit different. I couldn’t find any christening outfits I liked for ages, then came across this website and found loads that I really loved! It’s an undiscovered gem with loads of bits and bobs for Dominic.”


Marzena Currie, 35, from Bushey, mum to Dominic, 8 months

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