If your child is partial to the look of cute chicks (and who isn't?) this grassy-topped chick's nest hat could be just the Easter bonnet ticket for them – especially as it's so easy to make.


Although we have specified particular decorations, you can of course use different decorations, depending on what you can get hold of (see Where to buy everything you need for this bonnet, below) and what you can find around the house. If you haven't got tissue paper, for example, use normal paper or newspaper. And if you haven't got ready-made Easter chicks, you could cut chick shapes out of card and colour them yellow.

Huge (Easter) hat tip to Naomi from our MadeForMums Community who made this Easter bonnet with her daughter Eliza and helped us demonstrate how simple a craft it is with her step by step video guide (above) and picture guide (below)...

Grassy-topped chick's nest Easter bonnet: how to make it step by step

You will need:

Supplies for making a chick's nest bonnet including card, scissors, tape, a hat, tissue paper and Easter decorations
  • A hat
  • Yellow card
  • Scissors
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • Green tissue paper
  • Mini nests or twigs
  • Mini Easter chicks and/or mini eggs
  • Yellow feathers
  • A bow (fabric, ribbon or tissue paper)
  • Easter egg stickers (optional)
  • Other Easter decorations (optional)

Step 1: Create the nest shape

Step 1 - cut yellow card

Cut your card to a length that will wrap in a circle around the crown of your hat, with its top edge a little higher than the top of the hat. Glue or tape it into place.

Step 2: Make the tissue-paper grass

Shredded green tissue paper on top of Easter hat

Shred the green tissue paper and place it on top of the hat. Flatten it a little into place.

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Step 3: Add the nests

Shredded green tissue paper with bird nests added on top

Pop your mini nests or twigs onto the green tissue shreds and place your eggs or chicks in it.

Step 4: Top with feathers and more chicks

Top of homemade Easter bonnet with yellow chicks, bird nests and yellow feathers

Tuck yellow feathers around the paper rim of the big nest, and pop some extra chicks or eggs onto the tissue paper around the mini nests or twigs.

Step 5: Attach the bow

Ribbon bow attached to brim of white hat

Using glue, add a bow made from fabric or ribbon or tissue paper to the brim – wherever you think it would look best.

Step 6: Decorate with stickers and other Easter touches

Finished bonnet

Place some Easter-themed stickers around the sides of your yellow-card nest or cut Easter-egg shapes out of card, decorate them and stick them onto the sides of the nest or around the hat brim. You could also add simple tissue paper flowers to the brim (simply scrunch the tissue to give a petal effect).

And now you're done!

Where to buy everything you need for this bonnet

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Pics and video: Naomi Crawford. Video edit: Emily Longman Wall.


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