Keep smiling!

Don't let the daily grind drag you down. Try these six tricks for staying positive:

  1. Dress to impress. Always wear something that makes you feel good – not forgetting jewellery and perfume – even if you’re not going out.
  2. Try something new. Ask your partner or a friend to baby-sit while you go to an evening class, then return the favour when they want to go out.
  3. Exercise. It releases endorphins – the body’s own ‘happy hormones’.
  4. Make changes. List everything you can do to make your life better, from changing your working hours to getting a new washing machine.
  5. Ditch the non-essentials. Do you really need to do all those boring chores like ironing pyjamas or vacuuming every day?
  6. Ask for help. Swallow your pride and ask your partner to take over your most-hated household chore. Chances are he’ll do it for a week then admit you can stretch to a cleaner after all!

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