Survey reveals the baby buys you can live without

Nappy disposal bins and soothers top the list of baby buys you won't need


There’s the essential baby gear you just couldn’t live without (like a car seat and pushchair), but what about those things you think you’ll need, but end up never using?


A recent survey has revealed the baby products new parents found least useful, and the products they thought absolutely critical.

The poll, conducted by Which?, asked 1,448 parents with children under five to rate the usefulness of the baby products they had bought.

Shopping for baby products can be an exciting but confusing time, and there are so many products out there that claim to make life as a parent easier but there also plenty that you can live without.

The top product parents said was a waste of money was a nappy disposal bin, with 12% of parents who bought one saying it was useless.

Soothers came in a close second, with 11% of parents saying they were useless. However, parents were divided on the subject, as 47% said dummies were really useful!

Third on the list of most pointless were baby ‘top and tail’ bowls, as two new plastic bowls would do the same job.

The survey also highlighted, besides the essential baby products like pushchairs and car seats, the products that parents found very useful and that helped make their lives easier.

Taking the top spot on the list was a stair gate, with 69% if parents saying they found them really crucial.

Second on the list was an electric steam steriliser kit, with 62% of parents who bought one saying they found it very helpful.

Baby changing bags were voted third most useful with 59% of parents who purchased one saying that it was beneficial because of the different compartments.

The top 3 most useless baby products as voted by parents were:

  • Nappy disposal bin
  • Soothers
  • Baby ‘top and tail’ bowl

The top 3 most useful baby products as voted by parents were:

  • Stair gate
  • Electric steam steriliser kit
  • Baby changing bag

Which baby products did you find most useful, and which did you think were useless? Tell us in the comments below…

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