Amanda Holden’s daughter’s unique vision of the Olympics

Amanda’s daughter has her in stitches with her Olympic “knowledge”


We all know that sometimes kids say the funniest things, and Amanda Holden proves celebrity kids are no different.


The former Britain’s Got Talent judge has taken to Twitter to share her delight at her 6-year-old daughter Lexi’s comment on the history of the Olympics.

“Lexi just made me howl! She said ‘before Jesus was born they did NAKED OLYMPICS!’” Amanda tweeted.

As funny as Lexi’s remark is, all credit to her as she’s partly right, the Ancient Olympic Athletes did compete in the nude. 

Perhaps Lexi would find a good friend in Tori Spelling’s son Liam who’s famous for his hilarious and outlandish comments.

What funny things have your kids said?


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