Harry and Izzy Judd’s high-end double buggy for baby no 2

They've gone for a celeb-friendly brand to replace their 2 beloved buggies...


McFly star Harry Judd and author wife Izzy are expecting their 2nd child – and are switching up buggies as a result.


Their daughter, 18-month-old Lola, has enjoyed cruising around in the Joolz Geo and more recently, a Barbie-pink Bugaboo Bee

But now the Judds will be roaming around with: the single-to-double iCandy Orange!

Izzy revealed her buggy pick with a snap of head-scratching Harry trying to put the pram together. 

It looks from the photo as though they’ve gone for the black double version of the latest iCandy offering, which costs a purse string-pulling £1,040.

We’re not surprised the Orange has caught the eye of celeb parents, to be honest – our reviewer had plenty of songs to sing in praise of it.

It’s easily adaptable, sleek, stylish – we even called it ‘all-singing’, ‘all-dancing’ and ‘future proof’ ?

We know how much of a challenge it can be to find a pushchair that works for little ones of different ages, so we’re glad to see that Harry and Izzy are already prepped for their new arrival ?

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Images: Instagram/Izzy Judd

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