Izzy Judd’s worries over daughter Lola’s weaning rash: “As a parent, you just panic”

Izzy opens up about protecting Lola and Kit's sensitive skin from rashes and red patches - plus how she's handling mum life while husband Harry's away on tour


As we catch up for a chat with musician and author Izzy Judd, she’s home without husband Harry – as he’s currently on dance tour Rip It Up following his successful Strictly stint.


He’s been away since August, Izzy shares, leaving her to chat it up with no-one but their 3-year-old Lola and 1-year-old Kit, which she confesses isn’t always easy:

“In the evenings, you realise how lonely it is – just not having that small chat. I tend to just have a bath or go to bed.”

We SO know that feeling. Kids are fab, but sometimes, you just need another grown-up to chat to, even if its only for 2 mins…

Another thing we can relate to? Dealing with little ones’ sensitive skin issues. Izzy’s dealt with it plenty. She wholeheartedly (and jokingly, obvs) blames dad Harry for this, too ?

“Harry’s allergic to wool, and his family has eczema and asthma,” Izzy tells us. So, perhaps this is where Lola and Kit get their sensitive skin and rash outbursts from.

When Lola was young, Izzy noticed she’s get little rashes, and patches of red skin. “As a parent, you panic,” she says.

Things didn’t approve as eldest Lola aged, either. “When Lola started weaning, she started to get sores around her mouth” – especially if she had slightly acidic foods like tomato-based sauce ?

In the end, Izzy was nervous about a visit to the docs. “The immediate response is to go to the doctor, where you might get prescribed steroids – and, you might think, “I don’t want to put that on my baby.”

She’s now an ambassador for AVEENO Baby’s new sensitive range Dermexa, but we know all mums and dads eventually find the dream product(s) that works for them, whatever that may be.

It’s such a challenge to find the right product that works for you, isn’t it?

Though sounds like Izzy’s kept Lola and Kit’s skin probs under control… and she’ll be able to enjoy a non-babbly convo pretty soon. Harry’s tour’s coming to an end any day now ?

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And did your child’s skin problems persist so that you paid a visit to your GP? We’d love to know how you found the experience and if a prescriptions helped!

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