Naomi Watts opts for double buggy rather than Liev’s tactic

We were impressed with dad Liev Schrieber’s approach but love Naomi’s busy-mum-cool with a double buggy


This week MFM HQ has become Team Naomi-Liev fans. To coin a phrase, what a parenting power pair!


First Liev showed us his buggy prowess as he effortlessly pushed his eldest son Alexander Pete, 4, in a single buggy with just his right hand. Liev had also hoisted youngest son, Samuel Kai, 3, onto his shoulders and thrown a scooter over the buggy for good measure.

Now along comes partner Naomi, effortlessly cool with both boys nestled in a Mountain Buggy Duet, with snacks. Calm and collected, Naomi caps it all off with a laid-back but chic look and a classic pair of sunnies.

But my, don’t the boys almost look like twins!

If you’re about to become a parent of two like Liev and Naomi, our guide to choosing a buggy for siblings is the place to start.


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