“People aren’t horrible to you in the street if you’ve got a buggy,” said mum Paloma Faith at a recent red carpet event, according to the Metro.


“They part the waves, it’s like you’re walking on water. Being a mum gives you a Jesus-y vibe.”

Well, Paloma’s got the quite the brightly-coloured buggy, so it’s no shock people can see her coming from a way away ?

But seriously – isn’t this an interesting thing to say?

We’re sure Paloma, who welcomed her 1st baby with partner Leyman Lahcine in December 2016, has totally had that lovely experience of cruisin’ around with her tot in their pram and having people make an effort to give her space.

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We do have to wonder if the rest of us feel that way out and about with our pushchairs in tow, though.

Sometimes, we reckon you can be made to feel a bit ‘in the way’ on the bus or in a busy area – and sometimes we just feel that way in ourselves. No help needed. Especially when we’re in Primark. LOL.

Also, one of team MFM specifically remembers feeling a bit dismissed by passers-by when her daughter was in a buggy a few years back, much less accommodated.

“I felt once I had a buggy with me I was a bit ignored," she says. “I just felt like a bit of an invisible mum TBH.”

There’s definitely a difference in how you feel when you first start going out again post-baby and you’ve got your buggy with you, though, right?

Don’t even get us started on that feeling when you go out for the first time as a new mum WITHOUT your pram, and everything seems so strange, like you’ve forgotten the most important thing in the world…

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Do you agree with Paloma and feel like people ‘part the waves’ for you and your tot’s buggy? Or do you feel more like our MFM mum – a bit overlooked when you’re out and about?

Maybe you’ve had experiences of both? Let us know on Facebook, or in the comments below…

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