Retro toys making a comeback

Poll reveals we’re loving games from our youth


Gift retailer Prezzybox have revealed our top ten most searched for toys online, with old favourites from back in the day proving popular.


Topping the list of our toys of choice from yesteryear is the classic stylophone, with Ladybird books and retro arcade games second and third respectively.

When asked about their childhood toy memories, 1 in 4 men admitted they still had a soft spot for Star Wars action figures, and a massive 72% of men and women surveyed reckoned they still had at least one childhood toy lurking at home.

And it looks like our taste buds are getting in on the act too, with Prezzybox customers choosing the yummy Refreshers and Wham! bars over more modern sweets when having a tasty sugar-coated treat.

Our top ten nostalgic toys are:

1.    Stylophone

2.    Ladybird books

3.    Retro arcade games

4.    Connect 4

5.    Rocking horses

6.    Game boy

7.    Mix-tapes

8.    Beano comics

9.    Etch-a-sketch


10.  Roy of the rovers comics


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