Schoolchildren shun reading for fear of being termed a ‘geek’

National Literacy Trust highlights worrying trend as less kids read for fun


Children are increasingly turning away from books for fear of being labelled a geek by their friends.


The National Literacy Trust has reported a year on year decrease in the number of children reading for fun – whether that’s a Dickens’ novel or a superhero comic.

According to the Telegraph, 1 in 6 children admitted to being ‘too embarrassed’ to read.

Controversy over phonics tests in schools and fears reading is too embedded in academia has kept literacy in the spotlight. Yet, as Jonathan Douglas, trust director, says, “There seems to be a worrying shift in young people’s literacy habits.”

Children are even said to be moving away from reading stuff online or in a magazine in favour of video games and television.

Jonathan urges, “We believe we need to inspire a new generation to read in the same way that the Olympics is inspiring a new generation to take part in sport.”

The latest poll shows that of 21,000 children (aged 8 to 16), only 30.8% read in their spare time – a 7.3% drop from 2005.

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