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10 of the best artificial Christmas trees for families

Pine needles, be gone! Fake it in serious style this festive season with our edit of the greatest artificial Christmas trees for families


Christmas is just around the corner and a beautiful tree is as much a staple of the overall festive decor as it is the Christmas routine. While real trees are charming and traditional, they are more difficult to care for and drop pine needles which need clearing up.


Artificial trees can look just as good (if not better, depending on your own preferences) and can be packed away to use again next year, so you don’t need to worry about disposing of it after the holiday season has come to a close.

To help you find the best artificial Christmas tree for your family this year, we’ve pulled together a selection of our favourites. As well as traditional 6ft and 7ft artificial Christmas trees, we’ve included half trees, tabletop trees, pre-lit choices and sustainable options.

There’s even ones with branches higher up in case you have crawling babies or curious toddlers who might be attempted to grab those baubles or sparkling lights.

So you can decide on the best option, we’ve put together a few simple tips, before bring you a list of 10 of the best artificial Christmas trees for families below.

Plus, if you’re looking for more festive inspiration, we’ve also found the best kids’ Christmas jumpers and have a long list of tried and tested best Christmas toys for 2020.

What to consider when buying an artificial Christmas tree for your family

  • Style – it’s a decorative item after all, and with a huge range of styles available it’s worth thinking about your personal preference. Realistic forest green or snow-frosted? Colourful or minimalist?
  • Size – as with real Christmas trees, you can find a range of sizes, with 6ft being pretty standard. However, if you’re limited on space, or prefer a miniature table-top version, there are plenty of narrow and shorter options.
  • Children’s ages – crawling babies often find the twinkling decorations too hard to resist, so a smaller tree which can be showcased on a higher surface, is great for households with little ones (and curious pets!). Older children will love decorating a classic-style tree in the living room, and you may want to splash out on a smaller version for their bedrooms.
  • Price and value – Christmas can be an expensive time of year, but fortunately there are a range of prices out there (and the cost is usually less than buying a real tree). Look for long-lasting quality and you’ll find a tree you can enjoy for many Christmases to come.

10 of the best artificial Christmas trees for families

1. DWA Christmas Tree, Traditional Forest Green, from £99

Best for a snow-tipped tree

This realistic looking tree features lightly sparkling pine cones and the ends of the branches are lightly dusted with white to look like a real snow-tipped Christmas tree. There is a choice of sizes; 5ft, 6ft and 7ft depending on how much space you have at home.

The stand for the tree is included and it gets good reviews from previous buyers on Amazon, with 4.5 out of 5 stars overall.

Reviewers praised the quality of the tree as well as how straightforward it was to put together. “Beautiful tree easy to set up,” said one buyer while another added, “plenty full enough and the frosting tips are stunning and you can move the branches around with ease.”

Available from: Amazon

2. Pre-lit Ridgemere 7ft Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, £169.99

Best for baubles

This artificial Christmas tree costs slightly more than other options on our list, but should be one of the more realistic choices available. The dense branches have rounded tips to appear thicker and 7ft tall with a diameter of 137cm, there’s room for plenty of baubles! As it’s on the larger side compared to other models – just make sure you have the space for it.

This choice also comes pre-lit with 240 LED lights (so you don’t need to buy separate lights) and they’re warm white for a cosy, Christmas glow.

Available from: Wayfair

3. Christmas Tree World 7ft Ultra Mountain Pine, £459.99

Best for luxury, realistic look

This 7ft Christmas tree is designed to look more like a real Christmas tree, with differing branch sizes compared to the more streamlined, cone shape of most artificial trees. It’s 140cm wide and comes the metal stand included.

With its classic shape and super-lifelike branches, the towering Ultra Mountain Pine is Christmas Tree World’s most realistic tree. This is definitely a luxury option for those who love the look of a real tree but prefer the convenience and longevity of an artificial one.

Available from: Christmas Tree World

4. ANSIO Christmas Tree Xmas Tree 7ft Artificial Christmas Tree, £42.47

Best value buy

This value Christmas tree is a very reasonable price considering its 7ft height. The no-frills tree is in the classic shape with natural green branches with fire retardant tips and the base is included.

The tree slots together in three sections, leaving you to simply fluff up the branches before decorating. This option seemed to go down well with previous buyers on Amazon and averaged 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 500 ratings.

Reviewers praised the cost of the tree, as well as the overall appearance. A couple also noted it was worth taking the time to properly separate the branches so it looks as full as possible.

“Tree went up very quickly, and it was easy to spread out the branches,” said one Amazon buyer while another described it as, “good for the price.”

Available from: Amazon

5. John Lewis & Partners Newington Pre-lit 6ft Christmas Tree, £149

Best for a pre-lit tree

This John Lewis tree is a time-saving choice as it comes pre-lit with 300 pure white LEDs. That means you don’t need to untangle last year’s lights from the attic stash and can just plug it in ready to go. The tree comes in three sections which slot together before the hinged branches can be arranged into place.

The lights on this tree need to plug into the mains, so you’ll need to keep this tree within reach of a plug socket. It’s a full-sized Christmas tree at 6ft tall and it measures just over a metre in diameter (102cm), so it’s not quite as wide as other similar height choices but handy if you’re short on space.

Available from: John Lewis

6.  Argos Home 6ft Half Parasol Tree, £45

Best for families with crawling babies or toddlers

This 6ft self-assembly artificial option is a tree with a difference. The branches start halfway up so you have the top of the tree without any hazardous low branches and baubles to worry about.

If you have a crawling baby or inquisitive toddler this is a handy option so you can have the sparkle of Christmas without the headache. As the branches start halfway up, you don’t need to fret about tiny hands pulling at the baubles, lights, or the branches. This makes it a great choice if you have pets at home, too.

Plus, there’s plenty of room for Santa to put presents underneath when he hops down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

Available from: Argos

7. Natural Wood Company, Alternative Oak Christmas Tree, from £95

Best for an eco-friendly tree

This self-assembly wooden tree is made in the UK from sustainable oak and finished with wax oil. Arrange it as a spiral, a flat tree or however you wish. It’s available in six sizes from 1ft to 6ft and it comes in a jute drawstring bag.

Choose a 1ft version of this beautiful oak tree for your tabletop and it’ll be out of reach from little ones as well as provide a stunning table centrepiece.

We also love its versatility, with three different configurations to shake things up a bit, and that it’s made from sustainable wood.

Those who bought it in the past seemed to agree and praised the quality and originality of the product. One Not on the High Street purchaser described it as, “high quality, beautiful finish, packs away very neatly,” while another added it was a “great alternative sustainable Christmas tree.”

Available from: Not on the High Street

8. Christmas Tree World The Arbor Ultima Half Christmas Tree, £49.99

Best for space saving

This artificial ‘half tree’ sits flat against a wall so you can save space while still having the full height and width of a traditional tree. From the front, it should hardly look any different at all.

This half tree is an ingenious way to fit a full-length tree into your living space, and looks pleasingly realistic – a great compromise if you’re short on space and averse to picking needles out of the carpet in January!

It’s available in 4ft, 5ft and 6ft options so you can tailor it to exactly the space you have available in your home.

Available from: Christmas Tree World

9. Next 100 LED Snowy Slim 6ft Christmas Tree, £75

Best for families with small living rooms

This artificial snow-effect, 6ft tree comes with 100 LED lights. It’s 6ft high but only 58cm wide, making it another great space-saving choice.

If spare room is limited in your living room it can be a struggle finding space for a Christmas tree, so a slim option like this is a great solution, especially if you don’t have a wall to to fit a half-tree against.

This pre-lit one with snow-frosted branches looks good as is (and means there’s nothing to pull off!), or you can add baubles and decorate however you like.

Available from: Next

10. M&S 7ft Pre Lit Snowy Christmas Tree, £95

Best for a snowy look

This tall 7ft is prelit tree with 300 white lights for an instant, fuss-free sparkle. A quick-fit stand and memory branches for quick shaping are included and there’s even a five-year guarantee.

The gorgeous tree looks like it’s been covered with delicate flakes of snow, and it comes prettily pre-lit – all for just £95. If baubles are a magnet for your baby, you could also leave the baubles off and have it as a showstopper on its own – just add presents!

One buyer who bought this at Marks and Spencer in the past said that, “the branches are thick and there are lots of lights. Also really quick and easy to put together.” Another praised the quality and said it, “looks great and is really well made.”

Available from: Marks & Spencer


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