Baby products that last... and last

There are plenty of products you’ll buy that your baby will outgrow in the blink of an eye. Keeping up with the changing needs of your child is one reason why having a baby can seem so expensive! Hunting for lower prices is one way to keep the budget in check, but shopping for items that have a longer lifespan is another option. Products that last or evolve as your baby develops mean you aren’t hit by more purchases later on. For some parents, this will also be a way to save space (there'll be no old baby kit to store) and a touch eco-minded, as just one product, rather than two, three or four, need to be produced, transported and then thrown away.


If the idea of paying once and using for years appeals, check out these top-scoring long-life products, from feeding gear to car seats, a buggy and nursery furniture…


Phil & Teds Hammerhead 4WD buggy, birth to 6 years

Plenty of buggies can only be used until you child’s 3 years old. Sometimes, you might even find one that’s functional to 4 years. But Phil and Teds has pushed the boat out, with the Hammerhead 4WD, £399.95, being suitable until your child’s 6. This is great news for families embarking on longer walks and travels, eager to trek further afield than those little pre-school legs care to go. The Hammerhead 4WD can transform into a travel system, and you don’t need to ditch this ATP even if your family size expands because it can convert into a double buggy.

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ERGObaby baby carrier, birth to 4 years

The ERGObaby baby carrier, from £99.90, can be used from 4 months of age as is or right from birth if you purchase the infant insert. MFM’s seasoned reviewer gave it full marks for comfort for your baby and comfort for the adult carrying it. It has three carrying positions, and by spanning a huge four-year period, this carrier really does offer amazing value for money.

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BeSafe iZi Combi X3 car seat, birth to 4 years

It’s not cheap (£340) and it’s not light (14.2kg), but the Group 0+/1 car seat BeSafe iZi Combi X3 does offer value for money by giving you four years of car safety and innovative design. The thing that sets the BeSafe iZi Combi X3 apart from many other car seats is the fact it can be used as a rear facing car seat right up until your child is 4. However, it also has the flexibility to be used as a forward facing option once your baby’s big enough.

Despite its weight, this car seat is compact and slim line, so there’s room for other passengers.

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Kiddy Comfort Pro car seat, 9 months to 12 years

The Kiddy Comfort Pro car seat, £185, is a Group 1/2/3 car seat, spanning from your baby is 9kg up to 36kg, which is roughly 9 months to 12 years. Where a Group 1 car seat would only last 9kg to 18kg (about 4 years), the Kiddy is a top-performing option that sees you make one purchase only, as it can last until your child no longer needs a car seat.

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Stokke Sleepi, birth to 7 years

The Stokke Sleepi, from £450, transforms from a safe and comfy mini bassinette for your newborn into a cotbed and then to a full-sized a child’s bed with the addition of the Junior Kit, £167.36. It ends its life as a pair of bedroom chairs.

The smart, simple look and quality build will see the Sleepi stand the test of time – and toddler wear and tear.

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BEABA Pixie Night Light, birth+

With two light intensities to suit baby or toddler, the BEABA Pixie Night Light, £25, will be a welcome addition to the nursery or bedroom with its funky, child-appealing design. It stays cool to the touch and once your tot’s old enough to be making night-time trips to the loo, the easy-to-hold ergonomic handle lets the light lift off its base to become a lantern torch.

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Nscessity Sun Essentials Deluxe UV Tent and Travel Centre, birth to 4 years

The Nscessity Sun Essentials Deluxe UV Tent and Travel Centre, £79.99, isn’t just fab because it’s suitable from birth to school, but because of its multiple uses. Yes, it’s a travel cot, but it can also be used outdoors, with insect mesh to keep the bugs at bay and the built-in sun protection making it ideal as a sun shelter. Its self-inflating mattress can be used independently of the tent, too. Weighing just 3.4 kg, it’s no hassle to cart to the park/beach/grandparents’ house.

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Chicco I-Sit Highchair, 6 months to adult

Sturdy yet chic, the Chicco I-Sit Highchair is great for up-to-the-table feeding (though it has a tray, too, if you prefer), and then as a chair. The £269 price tag becomes more reasonable if you intend to use the I-Sit for its full lifespan. This highchair doesn’t fold away, but with these looks and price, it’s a statement piece you’ll want to keep on show.

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If you like a more traditional wooden look, check out the BabyDan DanChair, another baby-to-adult highchair option.


Brother Max 4-in-1 Cup, 3 months to 2 years+

The Brother Max 4-in-1 Cup, £5.99, ticks the box in terms of funky modern looks, but also has a longer life span that most baby beakers and toddler trainer cups. Starting with the soft silicone teat and two handles, it evolves into a handle-free first cup with teat, then an open cup with two handles and finally a handle-free ‘proper’ cup. Easy to clean and durable, this can take your child from bottle to cup.

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bumGenius One Size reusable nappies, birth-potty

bumGenius One Size nappies, £14.75, can be used for newborns and toddlers alike. Basically four sizes in one, you adjust the fit with rows of poppers. bumGenius One Size reusable nappies offer a slim fit, absorbency and can contain even the more explosive poo moments we’ve all been through. Easy to use and robust, these are an eco-investment that will survive more than one child.


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