8 of the best easy-to-fold double buggies

Whether it’s a tandem buggy or a twin pushchair style you prefer, there are top buggies that can carry two and still fold easily.


Top double buggies with a fuss-free fold

If you’re in and out of your car a lot, on and off public transport regularly or always collapsing your buggy to save space at home, then ease of folding is one buggy feature you need to pay attention to. A difficult or fiddly folding mechanism will annoy you at the best of times, but when there are two little bodies in the equation – probably running in opposite directions if they’re toddlers – the last thing you need is a pushchair that requires the skills of an origami master. Buggies aren’t always cheap, and when you fork out your hard-earned cash, you deserve a product that works the way you need it to.


Whether it’s twin babies, twin toddlers or a toddler and baby you’re hunting down a pushchair for, we’ve found 10 of the best double buggies that also scored highly for ease of folding and unfolding. Click through to see our pick, and head to our expert double buggy buyer’s guide and advice on whether a twin or tandem would be best for you for more help.

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iCandy Peach Blossom 3, £1180

Adding the buggy seat units or carrycots is simple, and there’s a one-handed seat removal system using a large grey button on each side. This feature is really an essential because you need to remove the seats to fold the buggy flat. Our reviewer found the distinctive design, ease of use and high resale value well worth the investment.

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Available from: Baby Centre Bournemouth


Phil & Teds Verve Inline Double, £678

What makes the Verve Inline Double stand out is the ability to fold the chassis into an impressively compact package with the second seat still attached, according to our MFM reviewer.

It’s got 23 riding options, one handed double-kit seat recline, light to push with one hand and looks good to boot. While there are several stages to the collapsing process, ease of folding/unfolding is still rated 4.5 out of 5, and what you get at the end is a double buggy that’s 27cm in width and able to stand alone.

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Buy the Phil & Teds Verve on Amazon


Maclaren Twin Triumph, £250

Weighing an amazingly light (for a double) 10.6kg, the Twin Triumph – just like  Maclaren’s single buggies – boasts a fast one-hand umbrella-fold. As well as being light and easy to fold, the Twin Triumph is compact, fitting easily through most doorways.

Our reviewer described the fold as “simple, quick and easy” and scored it five stars.

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Buy the Maclaren Twin Triumph from Uber Kids


Graco Stadium Duo, £138.99

With its budget price tag, you can’t expect lots of flashy luxuries, but the Stadium Duo is a good basic all-rounder. Graco hasn’t sacrificed your child’s comfort or key features. This tandem is easy to fold, due to a twist mechanism on the handle. This can even be done single-handed after some practice. Once folded, an automatic storage lock clicks into place.

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Buy the Graco Stadium Duo on Amazon

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