Best new baby buys due out in 2011

The hottest product innovations in the baby market that you'll be adding to your wish lists in the coming months


Stokke Bounce ‘n’ Sleep

Now this is something really original. If you’re not keen on your baby being in a bouncer at your ankles while you work around the house, this clever new product will change your day to day routine. You just pop your baby into the Bounce ‘n’ Sleep Daybed and he’s automatically higher up to help the bonding process. You can rock him in it and the daybed’s also designed to be moved with you as you go about your day. Also comes with a bouncer chair to pop inside. On sale now, Daybed £135. Bouncer £169.

The Tomy Sleepcurve mattress has been ingeniously designed to prevent flat head syndrome

Tomy Sleepcurve Mattress

Yes the Tomy Sleepcurve mattress looks a little weird, but it has a very important job to do. It’s been designed to help relieve the pressure on young baby’s skulls which could lead to flat head syndrome. We reckon it’s going to cause a baby sleeping revolution when it hits the shops in July. Priced from £39.99

We don’t yet have a picture of the new Concord Air (it’s that new) but here’s the popular Concord Ion

The Concord Air

The Concord Air is a Group 0+ car seat that’s touted as being the lightest car seat ever – and weighing in at under 3kg, it sounds like a rather accurate claim! It’s so new that we don’t even have a picture of it yet but we’re guessing it’s not going to look too different to Concord’s other Group 0+ offerings, which have been met with outstanding reviews – the Ion (shown here) scored 5 stars, the Intense bagged 4.5 stars – and Concord’s Group 0+/1 Ultimax also stormed it home with a full 5 stars, so expectations are high for the Air. Due in 2012, we have no word on price just yet, but know it will travel system compatible and able to be installed with ISOFIX or your car’s own seatbelts.

The Boon Glo is a portable nightlight

Boon Glo nightlight

The Boon GLO is so eye-catching, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was designer lighting for your lounge room. It’s actually a night-light with different colour settings. The three glowing balls are portable – you just lift them out and they become spherical lanterns that fade after 30 minutes. The balls don’t get warm and the whole thing is BPA free. At £69.99, the GLO isn’t cheap, but it’s certainly got the looks and functions to last beyond the baby and toddler years.

Simple but effective, Sunshine Kids’ trio gives you more car space for the kids’ drinks

Sunshine Kids Trio

Basically, this looks like a trio of cup holders. The base fits into your buggy or car’s single cup holder, converting it into a space for three cups or bottles. Simple, yet so nifty, and the retail price is just under £10.

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