Hands up who loves a good scroll of Instagram first thing in the morning - or last thing at night (when you're supposed to be sleeping!)?


Here at MadeForMums we LOVE a good Insta post, as our ever-growing Instagram account shows. (Thank you if you're already following us! If not - check us out and follow us now.)

Here are some of our favourite parenting moments on Instagram from the last year. Some are from our own account, others are shared from around the Insta-world.

Take a look...

14 of the best Instagram parenting moments of 2019

1. Prince Harry and Meghan's pregnancy updates


Along with the rest of the world, MadeForMums followed intently the news of a royal baby for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, from the announcement in October 2018 right up until the first pictures of baby Archie in August 2019.

And we loved Meghan's maternity style too. We shared this photo of the Duchess with the Prince in a stunning white 2-piece and it reached 16.2k of you.

Janib 19 commented: "She looks amazing" and diahningrum said simply: "She's glowing..."

Pic: Shared on MadeForMums, Credit: Getty

2. Kylee Austin's 'crushing' moment


We saw this image shared in several places on Instagram: it shows mum and ‘bikini competitor’ Kylee Austin, from Arizona, having one of ‘those’ parenting meltdown moments we can probably all recognise.

She says: "I post these moments not for me, but because society has created this monster in motherhood.

"This monster that says we are supposed to be perfect, look perfect, and post the pretty.

"I, personally, feel so isolated by the image society has created for me, scared that in these moments when I should feel like I need to reach out for help, I will be judged instead."

Kylee's full post - and her account in general - is well worth checking out.

Pic: Mrskyleeaustin

3. Fall Pumpkin fall


We said we’d give you laughs - and this set of pics, from one of our very own mums, Laura Briggs, definitely got us chuckling.

It shows her gorgeous little girl exploring a pumpkin patch around Halloween time… and having lots of fun UNTIL, that is, she falls face first in the mud…

Pic: laurah1311

4. Post-birth reality


We love how Instagram is, bit by bit, becoming a little more 'real' than it used to be - and this image shared by Leigh Meinzer, aka nurturingwildhthings on Instagram, was one of our favourites of the year.

Taken moments after birth, Leigh says: "This photo, captured by my adoring husband, @kristianmeinzer, seriously gives me all the feels.

"I have never felt more like a fierce and strong warrior mama princess than in these first few postpartum minutes and hours (yep, even with the giant adult diaper.)"


Pic: nurturingwildthings

5. THAT Cosatto / Paloma Faith Buggy Collab


Here at MadeForMums were DO love a good product / buggy story (check out our many reviews if you haven't already). And if you want FIERCE we don’t think there was anything that came close to that gorgeous collaboration between singer Paloma Faith and buggy brand Cosatto.

We spotted this one at the International Nursery Fair in Harrogate and shared it on our Insta where it reached 16.3k people and got some serious love.

Sumyk13 commented: "Wow, just wow." And younglondonist put it this way: "love love love." No other words needed, apparently.

Pic: MadeForMums Credit: Christy McGhee

6. Classic baby puke pic


We've seen a fair few of these over the years - but they never get old!

Doting dad Justdevin gave a key bit of advice when he shared this pic on Insta, saying:

"Dear Dads, Make sure the baby airplane is out of milk before lift off. Then she goes straight to sleep."


Pic: Justdevin

7. The meme that summed up parenting SO well


This fab meme reached 24.4k of our Instagram followers and was one of our most popular posts of the year.

Why? Because every parent gets this and has probably been there once or more.

Lovebabyuma commented: "Could not be more spot on with this haha!".

And coffeeandcrispies said simply: "Been there!" Agreed.

Pic: Mommyowl

8. Side by side post-birth showing 2 Archies


Everyone's post-birth reality is different, as this side by side pic from Hollie Evelyn shows.

Hollie's holding baby Archie too, incidentally (her baby Archie, obvs, not Meghan's and Harry's!)

The image struck a chord with our followers: embracebodyskincare said: "Thank you for sharing the realness that happens after bringing forth life."

Pic: Hollieevelyn

9. Dilation in stages by FRUIT


We couldn't resist producing this dilation by stages chart using a bunch of delicious fruits... and 12k of you took a look.

It got (as you might expect) a mixed response on Instagram. Perfectimperfectfamilyof4 said: "How amazing is our body!".

But charliekay92 put it this way: "Terrifying!

We get both sides of the coin on this one...

Pic: MadeForMums Credit: Sabrina Sahota

10. Rumours of a new girl band forming


No, this pic wasn't snapped at some glitzy music awards show - it was taken at our very own MadeForMums Awards, and shows 3 legendary women of the British music scene (from left) - Heidi Range, Kimberley Walsh and Hannah Spearritt.

This time they weren't singing - but came to do some serious testing of the latest baby products out there - so that parents know when they see that MadeForMums badge on a product it's most definitely been through its paces from our experts and celebrity judges.

Pic: Shared on MadeForMums. Photographer: Rekha Damhar

11. Tan mark classic


Although the idea of getting a natural tan seems way off at this time of year, we felt we HAD to re-share this brilliant tan line pic.

And, we have to say, it brought up loads of tanning faux-pas stories from our Insta mums. Probably the best came from Mummyneedstea who told us: "I once fell asleep with my hand on my stomach in a bikini and had a hand print for weeks." Oops!

Pic: Angelabyrne72

12. Halloween tasting plate


Talk about a serious tasting plate - when we saw this on foodbites for Halloween, we had to share it - and it reached more than 18k of our followers.

Loads loved it - keepbeatuk said: "This is awesome" and green.monkeys even reckoned they'd try replicating it: "This is so cool!!! Definitely going to attempt some of this."

Pic: foodbites

13. Santa scares


What's Christmas on Instagram without a scared-looking child sitting on Santa's knee?!

Speaking about how her little girl got on, mum Lynsay told us: "She was a bit confused but got there in the end." Awwww!

Pic: Lynsaymacdonald

14. Juno is introduced


You know we're mad for toys here at MadeForMums. And when we spotted Juno the interactive baby elephant at a Christmas in July event we just had to share her, especially when we found out she was one of Amazon's top Christmas toys for 2019.

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Although some of you were slightly jaw-dropped at the £90 price tag, in general, Juno got the thumbs up. "This is adorable, my daughter would love it!" said hattrickmum18. And onceuponafold simply said: "Cute cute cute!"

Video still: MadeForMums Credit: Tara Breathnach


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