Which Beatrix Potter character is your child most like?

Beatrix Potter would have been 150 this year, but her stories are timeless. So which of her animal characters is best suited to your child at bedtime?


1. Adventurous Peter Rabbit



Peter Rabbit is an adventurous little thing, who finds all sorts of excitement in Mr McGregor’s garden. From feasting on lettuces, French beans and radishes, to hiding in a watering can and jumping out of the tool-shed window – it’s no wonder he’s exhausted when he gets home!

Why not read: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Published in 1902, this is Beatrix Potter’s first and most popular tale. It’s all about Peter Rabbit and his adventure in Mr McGregor’s vegetable garden. 

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2. Determined Jemima Puddle-Duck


Jemima Puddle-Duck is certainly determined! She’s so set on hatching her own eggs, that she travels deep into the woods to nest, returning every day to check on her eggs. Even after her frightful encounter with the whiskered gentleman, she lays more eggs at the farm – with four finally hatching!

Why not read: Bedtime Tales

Four favourite Beatrix Potter tales are re-told for younger children, including the tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck. A great introduction to the author, it’s also perfect for bedtime.

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3. Caring Benjamin Bunny


Good old Benjamin Bunny is very dependable. Not only does he help his cousin Peter Rabbit get his clothes back from Mr McGregor’s garden and collect onions as a gift for his aunt, but he also keeps himself and Peter from harm by hiding under a basket away from a big cat.

Why not read: P is for Peter

This is a whimsical board book that takes you gently through the alphabet and the world of Peter Rabbit where you’ll meet all the well-loved characters including Benjamin Bunny. With beautiful artwork, it’s a must-have for any toddler’s bookshelf.

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4. Sociable Mr Jeremy Fisher


Mr Jeremy Fisher is an extremely sociable frog. He goes out fishing so he can catch minnows and invite his friends over for dinner. Even when his expedition goes wrong and he doesn’t catch anything, his friends still come round to dine on treats from his larder instead.

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5. Kind Mrs Tiggy-Winkle


Friendly Mrs Tiggy-Winkle welcomes little Lucie unquestioningly into her home. She re-unites her with her pocket handkerchiefs and pinny – all washed and ironed, then makes her a cup of tea, and doesn’t even expect a thank you or money in return!

Why not read: The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

This tale is as charming today as it was when it was first published in 1905. Enter the hidden-in-the-hills home of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, where she does all the laundry of her neighbouring animals.

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6. Playful Squirrel Nutkin


Squirrel Nutkin just can’t resist being playful! He dances up and down in front of Old Brown Owl, is always singing riddles and rhymes and plays marbles and ninepins while the other squirrels are busy gathering nuts.

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7. Helpful Flopsy Bunnies


When the cupboards are bare at home, the resourceful Flopsy Bunnies don’t hesitate to go searching for food in Mr McGregor’s garden. They find lots of yummy old lettuces in his rubbish heap and manage to fill their tummies and have a little snooze before they’re discovered!

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8. Outdoorsy Tom Kitten


Tom Kitten loves nothing more than having fun outdoors. In the garden, dressed in fine clothes by his mother, all he wants to do is jump about and climb the wall with his sisters Mittens and Moppet. Their bedroom just isn’t big enough to play in!

Why not read: Easter Surprise

Get outdoors and follow Peter Rabbit as he excitedly hops along to share an Easter surprise with his friends. This lovely rhyming story features lots of Beatrix Potter’s most famous characters, including Tom Kitten.

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9. Well-behaved Miss Kitty


If you were to meet Miss Kitty, you’d be struck by just how well-behaved she is. By day the young black cat is curiously serious and always willing to go to bed. Who could guess she leads a double life at night?

Why not read: The Tale of Kitty in Boots

You can be among the first to read this unknown Beatrix Potter tale when it’s published for the first time in September – 100 years after it was written. It comes complete with illustrations by Quentin Blake.

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