Mini makes: Nursery pal ‘Percy the Pig’ to make with your toddler

Use our easy step-by-step guide to create a farmyard creature your tot will adore...

For more crafty ideas, why not treat your tot to ‘Nursery Stitch’ by Rebecca Shreeve (£7.99, Collins & Brown).

What you’ll need:

  • Toy stuffing
  • Striped fabric
  • Patterned fabric
  • Bright corduroy fabric
  • Fabric marker pen
  • Sewing machine & thread
  • Embroidery thread & needle
  • Double-sided fusible webbing

Don’t forget to: Download all the PDFs of Percy’s body shapes here!

Let’s get crafty…

Step 1

Using the templates, cut out the body from the corduroy fabric, ears from the patterned fabric, and legs and tail from the striped fabric. Your child can help you mark where to attach everything on the front body piece.

 Step 2

To make the ears,put the front and back cut outs togetherwith the wrong side showing. Sew the 
edge using blanket stitch, leaving the bottom open. 
Turn inside out, then stuff fully.

Step 3

Take the two back of leg piecesof striped fabric withright sides together. Machine-stitch along 
thelonger, slightly curved edge with a 6mm seam.

Step 4

Take the front leg piece,place on the back piece with right sides together and sew the edge with a 6mm seam, leaving the top open. Turn inside out and stuff. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to make three more legs.

Step 5

Trace the tail template on the webbing, paper side up, roughly cut out, then place, paper side up, on the wrong side of the striped fabric, and iron. Cut out and peel off backing paper. Iron in place on the wrong side of the fabric. Sew with blanket stitch to secure when cool.

Step 6

Attach the legs and ears to the front body piece, with raw edges together and the back of each uppermost. Pin and tack in place. Make sure parts extend above body piece so they’ll be caught in the seam.

Step 7

Take Henry’s two back corduroy body piecesand place together with the right sides matching. Stitch along the backbone with a 6mm seam.

Step 8

Take the gusset piece for Henry’s bottom
and pin at the bottom of the front body piece, with 
right sides together and the centre lying in the middle space between his legs. Tack together.

Step 9

Put front and back body pieces together, 
right sides together. Pin up to the gusset and tack. Machine-stitch to the gusset with a 6mm seam. 
Stitch around the front body, trapping in the legs.

Step 10

Turn Henry the right side out,sew in a cross for a tummy button using six strands of embroidery thread, and then your child can help you stuff the body.

Step 11

To make the nose, take the side snout template, and fold with right sides together. Machine stitch the narrow end closed with a 6mm seam, then pin on the front snout and machine-stitch with a 6mm seam.

Step 12

Stuff the snout lightlyand stitch two crosses of embroidery thread for the nostrils.Slipstitch with a 6mm under turning to attach onto Henry’s front body. Before you complete, stuff the snout again.

Step 13

Using three strands of embroidery thread, backstitch small black circles for eyes and fill with satin stitch. Sew two layers to make the eyes slightly raised. 
Then backstitch a ‘U’ line to create Henry’s mouth.

Step 14

Slipstitch the gap in Henry’s bottom to close. When you reach the middle of the gap, tuck the tip 
of the tail into the middle and sew it into position. Voila! 
A perfect porcine companion for bedtime.

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