Mini makes: Simple fluttery birds to make with your toddler

Easy step-by-step children's craft make

simple fluttery birds toddler craft

Keep your toddler happy on rainy days by making these pretty paper birds. Now, let’s get crafty…


Step 1

Draw half a circle for a bird’s body on bright paper.

Add a head and a beak.


Step 2

Cut out the bird. Then, erase any pencil lines.


Step 3

Fold another piece of paper in half.

Draw a wing and cut it out. Don’t forget to cut through both layers.


Step 4

Make a hole in the bird’s back using a hole puncher.


Step 5

Push some thread through the hole for hanging.


Step 6

Spread glue along the edge of each wing and press them on.

Then voila, you have a hanging, fluttery friend!


For more ideas…

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