Getting your baby to sleep

Baby bedtimes can be a testing time, so we have some top tips from the people who know best – mums!


Here are some words of wisdom from MFM mums, on how they cope when it comes to getting their babies to sleep…


Baby massage

‘We found that baby massage worked wonders for us in settling him for bed. We had immediate results with the first massage, when he slept through the night!’

Eileen, 29, mum to Kieran Cheng, 3 months old

Sleep tight in a sleeping bag

“Get a baby sleeping bag. They are really cosy for your baby and are guaranteed not to get kicked off during the night!”

Arabella, 33, mum to Anna, 18 months, and Amy, 3 months old

“Invest in a baby sleeping bag! Both of my boys were little wrigglers and they often woke up crying because they’d kicked off the blanket. With Robbie, I discovered baby sleeping bags and he now sleeps so much better.”

Lorna, 30, mum to Robbie, 7 months and Liam, 5

Lavender dreams

“Put a drop of lavender oil on a hankie near your baby’s cot. This will help relax her and send her off into a peaceful sleep.”

Elaine, 33, mum to Claire, 18 months

Keep your scent close

“At the end of the day, give your baby the T-shirt you’ve been wearing all day, so it smells of you. That way if she wakes up in the night feeling lost she’ll know you’re nearby.”

Jilly, 34, mum to Annie, 5 months

Naptime disciplines

“Be strict when it comes to daytime naps. If your baby doesn’t sleep during the day, she won’t sleep at night – and neither will you.”

Fiona, 33, mum to Jenna, 4 months

Don’t let her fall asleep in your arms

“I had real problems settling into a bedtime routine, and found myself fussing over Ellen and trying to comfort her to sleep. A friend then told me not to do this, and not to let her fall asleep in my arms and to leave the room when I put her down. It really helped, and although it was hard leaving Ellen, she now has a structured routine that really works.”

Ann Beaton, 27, mum to Ellen, 9 weeks

Keep it simple

“Don’t overcomplicate the bedtime routine with lots of special mobiles or lights as it may be difficult to recreate this same atmosphere anywhere but home. Keep things simple so your baby will learn to feel settled wherever you are.”

Joanne, 28, mum to Harry, 19 weeks

Routine, routine, routine

‘Have a bedtime routine, whatever you do in the day. Alana slept through from six weeks. Although everyone said it wouldn’t last, it has, and I think that’s down to her routine.’


Sandra, 35, mum to Alana, 3 and 6 months pregnant

Change the routine, if you need to

“At first, my son wanted to scream and eat during the night and sleep during the day – everything was the wrong way round. So, after a couple of hours sleep in the day, we would wake him up to eat: that really helped him sleep at night.”

Bethan, 32, mum to Sonny, 7 weeks

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